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Magpie question

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Sir Bertie & Co. says:

I have a magpie coming to the table for a few weeks now, i love it! but this week i had to put a piece of wood down into my pond to help the starling chicks climb out when they drop in there to drink.

today i noticed the magpie sitting at the spot, i am wondering about the fish? some are just new and quite small goldies in there, or was it after the fish food? or just water,

I do fill the water bath up after feeding them and its not stupid, it can work out the little plank leads straight to the water and fish?? any ideas?
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efficacious agreement [deleted] says:

It's not the fish you need to worry about. Magpies are classed as vermin as they are one of the worst nest robbers, taking eggs and chicks. I would advise to do all you can to scare off the Magpie, permanently.

You can get net with which to cover the pond. People use this to stop herons nicking their fish. You would have to make sure though that you were there to release the Starlings should they get caught.
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Sir Bertie & Co. says:

thanks Ian,,,its too deep for herons so I don't bother netting it. I just thought it may start using the platform,, but will chase the beast off now then ;-)
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efficacious agreement [deleted] says:

Glad to be of help.
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jazzy ear [deleted] says:

Netting in a wildlife garden is a bad idea - lots of creatures can become trapped in it. Fish are not really suitable in wildlife gardens anyway, unless they are native species.

As for magpies - well if we feed them they won't bother other birds! I think there are more than enough people already, shooting and poisoning Magpies.

Magpies are part of the natural balance. Do we shoot Cuckoos? Do we shoot the single most destructive animal on our planet - the domestic cat? Cats kill more birds and small mammals in the UK than ALL the other predators combined.

Personally I like Magpies - they are colourful and entertaining. I don't think we should be encouraging people to persecute any wild animal, or put up nets. This is supposed to be a wildlife-friendly group.
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Bobs Images says:

I read a very interesting article about Magpies,
which suggests that where there are no Magpies, song birds will flourish.
Even the RSPB do not oppose the Legal control of this species.
The most destructive animal on the planet is the domestic cat? I cannot find anything on the net to substantiate this, a link would be very helpful.
Perhaps we should get their owners to feed them more so they leave the birds alone!! or could it be their natural instinct, in much the same way as a Magpie will "Work" a hedgerow looking for eggs and fledgelings.
Would you not encourage people to stop killing rats and mice? they're pretty wild animals too.
For the record I am Wildlife Friendly...hovever, I believe there are times when human intervention is needed to protect vunerable species. Magpies are listed as a Pest for good reason, dicouraging them from the feeding table is a good thing if you want to protect your songbird population.
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