The Camping Detective 9:18pm, 9 February 2009
Hi, I've been watching birds for many years now but still have difficulty with these two when (as is nearly always the case) there is no object or other bird to aid an estimation of size....
I find the breast-patterns (spots/blotches) quite hard to categorize. Are they thickly spread, large? small?
The background of the breast is also hard to decide on, nearly white? cream-coloured? almost yellow?

Any simple ideas?

p.s. The legs are a problem (for me) too!

John B
parttimedogfish 9 years ago
From my experience song thrushes' spots are more triangle- or arrowhead-shaped and arranged in fairly straight lines or rows, whereas mistle thrushes' spots are rounder and more randomly scattered. The mistle thrush also looks chunkier, almost like a small crow in build whereas a song thrush looks more like a blackbird in shape. The mistle thrush also is a cooler shade of brown than the song thrush.
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