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Redhand1873 ADMIN January 3, 2014
Please remember this is a group about BUILDINGS in BRITAIN. If your image is not primarily a BRITISH BUILDING (ideally at least 20% of the photo) it will be deleted. NO bridges, ferris wheels, garden sheds, beach huts etc.

If anyone has a few minutes to spare and would like to help to moderate this group, please get in touch.

Group Description

This group was inspired by BBC series 'How We Built Britain' and 'Britain in Pictures' which featured Britain’s buildings past, present and future. The group is no longer associated with the BBC and is Administered and Moderated by members of the group.

You may post three photographs everyday, however they must be photographs of buildings in Britain. Ferris wheels are not acceptable as buildings, not even the London Eye. Nor are bridges. Garden sheds and beach huts will also be removed. In addition the photo must be primarily of a British building - if it is a landscape with a distant or largely hidden building it is unlikely to be accepted. We are lucky in the UK, we have lots of buildings that we can photograph, without having to nip out into the back garden to take a shot of your shed. Other photographs may be removed at the discretion of those moderating the group.

We look forward to you showing us how Britain's Buildings look

Britain in Pictures (Buildings) - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

Group Rules

• This group is only for photos of buildings located in Britain. Any photographs that don't fit this requirement will be removed from the group pool.

Any photograph posted to the pool that does not have the main focus on a building will also be removed from the group pool.
• Please tag each photograph you submit with a word that identifies the location.

• You may add three photo's to the group each day.

• Remember, this is a family group (the photos should be suitable for showing "to a child, your mum or Uncle Bob. " Please respect the Flickr community guidelines

• Please do NOT block the admin or moderators, upon discovering anyone having done so, you may get banned from the group at the discretion of the admin/moderator concerned and there may be no process for appeal.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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