Grazi Rogowski [deleted] 3:06pm, 4 May 2012
I think there's no problem to post this project here because It's full of love and good intentions. We need your help to make it true :)

Hello my dear friend,
Read every line, please

I come here to ask for your help to spread the art and show the world that the only barriers that exist between us are nothing more than geographical.
I am starting a project here in Brazil and I’d like to share it with you with much love and dedication.

I am not a professional photographer, I just feel an immense need to record the moment. I think I can promote some shared values through the use of the image in an exhibition.
Within all possible expressions, after much reflection, I concluded that it should be positive. We all know that there is corruption, traffic jam, problems in education, excessive labor that inhibits our creativity, starvation and so on. We live here, somehow we feel it. With many people I’ve been talking, my impression was that the problem is not lack of will to do something .... but the lack of HAVING WHAT FIGHTING FOR!

Do people know that there is someone who cares in the background? An end of the day can be beautiful and that we have great potential to develop? With the words of Mother Teresa in mind (Don’t be against the war, just be in favor of peace), I have decided to show it to people…. If I can see that there is a way out, why don’t try?

My idea, based on this is as it follows:

You are very special people who know to see the beauty of a simple gesture. I ask you to donate a photo made by you and a word that represents your feelings during this creation. I want to do a large mural with these photos, along with mine, the photos will be revealed to contain the word of the author and the country it originates. Each person who visit the event can choose a picture and take it to home, with no price, in place of the photo visitors have to leave a message for this author, and not a blank space. That person would not only carry to home the values defended by us, but hope that in the other side there is someone who wants a better world too. Each message would be sent to its author, so that we could effectively engage both public and artist worldwide.

This project will be presented in Porto Alegre, and after in another cities in Brazil, connected to the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project designed by Jacque Fresco. For those unfamiliar, this project proposes a debate to rebuild a new society through the values of love and the scientific method.

I’ll not use your image in anything else, just what was described. I’d be so happy with your contribution to show the art of hundreds of other people around the world through an act so simple and so beautiful. I’ll be in touch with any contributors all the time during the project, it’s a promise.

To know more about values that will be linked to your help, you can watch this video:

I can only be able to do this project with the help of you my friends.

Photos can be sent to

I ask only a good resolution for printing photos and don’t forget your word and country! I would be very happy if you wanted to invite other friends to join.

We have the power to transform everything ... even if we start with small steps in the long run the change will be felt.

With much love, Grazi

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