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Design the 2012 Brickworld Event Kit

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Nannan Z. says:

As mentioned during the closing ceremonies at this year's Brickworld, you can enter the contest to design next year's event kit. Here are the details:

-The model must contain no more than 150 pieces (CAD entries allowed).
-You must provide a LDD file of your creation if it wins (you can find someone else to help with this if you can't do it yourself).
-All parts must be available from in-production sets and cannot include unique parts from licensed themes (ex. Darth Vader helmet). If a part cannot be used, we may still choose your design, but the unavailable parts will be changed.
-The deadline is August 31st, 2011.
-Submit a picture of your design by replying in this thread.

Keep in mind that the theme for 2012 is "end of the world." Get crackin'!
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BBonahoom is a group administrator BBonahoom says:

Best of luck to everyone entering. I look forward to seeing the wonderful creations you will be posting.

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Jeremy Moody says:

Alright, I have an entry.

Mayan Pyramid II by Jeremy Moody

End of World 2012 -> Mayan Calendar -> Mayan Pyramid.

Works? Making "End of the World" in 150 or fewer pieces is hard..

I also thought of taking Bryan's idea to obliterate this past year's MOCs to make them "End of the World," and make Tyler's Globe cracked open... But I didn't do that.

I think you'll need to extend the deadline, I don't want to be the only one entering, and I might even come up with another entry later...

Edit: Updated with new model. See first prototype here.
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.TheBricks says:

What better to represent the end of the world than a massive mushroom cloud billowing from a sandy base. Contains "2012" written on the sides and the Brickworld colors made using SNOT technique.
Part count: 150
Height: about 4.75 inches (6.5 cm)
Weight: about 5 ounces
Real life (some pieces will be different in the actual model):

2012 -- 2.1 by .TheBricks

Final LDD model:
2012 by .TheBricks

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Nannan Z. says:

Here's my entry depicting the world cracking like an egg and spilling out black ooze over a suspended Brickworld logo.

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