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Welcome to the Brickmania Group Pool on Flickr. Here's the rules:

1. Your creations should be somehow relating to Brickmania's (adaptation, customization, alternate versions, collections, improvements, problems, etc.).
2. Respect should be shown to other members.
3. No offering items for sale (or posting any other content in violation of Flickr's Community Guidlines) in the group pool or discussion forum.


  • World War Brick Anaheim WWI Colab Display

    Anyone interested in building a trench system, please discuss here...

    audreyhepburnfan073 months ago0 replies

  • Minifigures for Dan to make

    What type of old or never made before minifigs would you like Dan to make?

    ilovelegos10783 months ago1 replies

  • how many brickmania track links for a stug 3/panzer 3?

    I'm building a stug 3/panzer 3, how many double wide brickmania track lines do I...

    Crazedtiger3 months ago1 replies

  • future brickmania kits

    what kits would people like to see dan kits/different versions of fa...

    Project Azazel14 months ago89 replies

  • Panzer lll or the M24 Chaffee or other

    I need help, which one should I get? :(

    EvergreenX14 months ago7 replies

  • Such a decision...

    Which should I get Stug III, Sd Kfz 124 Wespe, M24 Chaffee or the M18 Hellcat

    ITSHUNGRY201215 months ago3 replies

  • Please respect the photo posting rules!

    Only post photos of Brickmania's kits, variations of Brickmania's kits, or are s...

    Daniel Siskind31 months ago0 replies

  • Panzer 4 or Wespe

    I don't know which one to get and would like some help.

    BAmaster131 months ago8 replies

  • Russian vehicles

    is the su-76 worth it

    su-76s32 months ago2 replies

  • Vietnam-era kits

    Hey guys, just wondering dan if you'll be coming out with more vietnam kits unde...

    Black Ops S.O.G.38 months ago2 replies

  • World War Bricks 2012 – June 15-18th, Wheeling, IL

    Brickmania, BrickArms and G.I. Brick to Host Off-Site Event During Brickworl...

    Brickmaniac38 months ago4 replies

  • Make a Panzer lll?

    Hey guys will it be cool Dan reselled the Panzer lll with one figure for like $1...

    kim.anthony6444 months ago12 replies

  • M26 Pershing kit?

    say guys would it be nice if Dan made a M26 pershing kit?

    EvergreenX44 months ago7 replies

  • Stug III or M3A1 Stuart?

    Just wanted your opinions on which is better as I will be getting on of these. I...

    Brick-Ops44 months ago10 replies

  • Japanese Pagoda or M7B1 Priest

    Please do not voice your opinion based on price because I am well aware of the p...

    Kiwi Artillery (formerly Kip Grenadier)44 months ago11 replies

  • What should I save up for: M18 Hellcat or Stuart?

    I want to save up for an american tank, that is $200 or under. I was thinking ei...

    Brick-Ops44 months ago8 replies

  • Best Brickmania Buy?

    What would you guys say is your best spendature of money on a Brickmania set? Mi...

    WaSsUp77744 months ago20 replies

  • Brickmania kits

    I noticed that all the ww2 kits aside from the ones available for preorder are a...

    BAmaster145 months ago1 replies

  • Japanese Pagoda or Tiger I E

    I can't decide which one to get. I am dealing with a lot of money to spend so I ...

    Kiwi Artillery (formerly Kip Grenadier)45 months ago4 replies

  • What should I get?

    I can get any of the current Brickmania WW2 kits but I don't know what to get. C...

    BAmaster145 months ago8 replies

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