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  • Post Your Hexibrix

    Fans & Enthusiasts, We would love to see your interpretations and application...

    BrickForge28 months ago0 replies

  • Black neck armor

    Apologies if this isn't supposed to be here. I need a couple sets of Black brick...

    Mattias G.70 months ago0 replies

  • Brickforge ADU armor and Helmets

    Hi, I am in need of several sets of any BrickForge ADU armor for a MOC I am maki...

    ~Carson~75 months ago0 replies

  • favorite BF item

    Mine is vambrace's & captain america stuff. what's your's.

    Lego Ness43076 months ago47 replies

  • Police vest?

    Just wondering if/ when it will be restocked. Need to outfit twenty- something o...

    Mattias G.84 months ago0 replies

  • need green and white spartan armor

    if anyone has any they are willing to get rid of, i would be willing to trade BA...

    Dancing Bigfoot Studios85 months ago12 replies

  • Some brick forge products being copied by lego?

    What i noticed alot that lego has been making new & similar pieces to brick forg...

    Lego Ness43087 months ago13 replies

  • BrickForge Flickr Drawing - Closing

    Thank you to all who have tagged their photos with 'BrickForge'! Unfortunately w...

    BrickForge90 months ago4 replies

  • BrickForge Group Pool Weekly Drawing (winners announced here)

    The Forge is jam-packed with awesome accessories and the Angry Dwarfsmith is dem...

    three side90 months ago83 replies

  • New colors and armor that needs restocked

    Kyle Peterson has told me that the space assault armor will be made in the new o...

    World War 1 tanker91 months ago13 replies

  • Orange Space marine armor/Helmet

    Why can't BF restock it?

    Sʈicker93 months ago8 replies

  • Brickworld Indy

    Is anyone else upset that Brickforge isn't going to brick world?

    World War 1 tanker94 months ago5 replies

  • BrickForge Store Chrashes

    I have been trying to make an order from BF for nearly a week now and every time...

    McCluckles94 months ago4 replies

  • Custom mini figs

    If I am in the wrong group, please forgive me and if you can point me to the pro...

    scooby904498 months ago4 replies

  • Will BF be at...

    I was wondering if BF would be at Brickfair in January. And if any of you planne...

    quizzical rhythm98 months ago1 replies

  • Dark Blue Space Marine Armor

    I just looked in the store, where has it gone? It doesn't appear at all, so it c...

    Zåch103 months ago7 replies

  • Tagging items

    There have been a lot of awesome photos in the group pool. We love seeing all t...

    Quickblade22106 months ago0 replies

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