enigmabadger PRO 5:05pm, 4 June 2012
Black & Gunmetal BrickArms Summer 2012 by BrickArms

Brown BrickArms Summer 2012 by BrickArms

Available June 15 from all official BrickArms resellers
Zeessi 6 years ago
Uh oh... Looks like I'm going to be even more broke...
{Thud} 6 years ago
Wait don't you mean the 14th?
[Fritz G.] 6 years ago
Oh yes

My birthday is on the 19th:DD
enigmabadger PRO 6 years ago
No, June 15, the first day of World War Brick and also when all these items (and a few other things!) will be available online from all official BrickArms resellers.
Festoon the Grey 6 years ago
AWESOME! I'll definitely buy these!
{Thud} 6 years ago
/\/\ Oh ok and :D
United builder [deleted] 6 years ago
May I ask what else is being released.
enigmabadger PRO 6 years ago
[] Here's some hints:


Lt. C♠lin 6 years ago
Can't wait!
CalHigh 6 years ago
i just spent 325 buck on a lee enfield! bad timing on my part LOL

i am for sure going to get some of these thought!
McCluckles PRO 6 years ago
I think you may have been ripped of there, my friend :P
~Mr.Br[]ck~ [deleted] 6 years ago
Wait will those be at WWBRICK?
Brickdon 6 years ago
Sweet! I could certainly use some of those for some builds!
-Yoshifan151- 6 years ago
I believe he means a real one, not a BA one.
℣℩ƙ℩ℵℊ424 6 years ago
woohoo! yuss!
THE J0KER 6 years ago
Ohh, I saw these at BC! I did not end up picking some up, and now I am sorry because of that! :P
World War 1 tanker 6 years ago
Awesome! I'm going to be spending approximately $50 @the BA buffet @ World War Brick, now!
ExtremePotato 6 years ago
So it looks like I'm spending $20 of my B-Day money.......
Baron Crubstaks [deleted] 6 years ago
This. Will. Be. The. Best. Summer. Ever.

I really can't wait to get my grubby hands on some of those items. There goes my money this month :P
Also, is the DP-28 not being released because it's overmolded?
enigmabadger PRO 6 years ago
The DP-28 was not released as it is still in the prototype stage of development.

Best for everyone to focus on what is part of this release!
muzzer the maniac 6 years ago
im going to enjoy these pretty little items lol
pimpingreenhat 6 years ago
How does the 'Snail Drum' on the MG-34 fit?
~adventure~ 6 years ago
There's little notches on the inside of the drum to fit on the top, and the notches go inside the slot on the mg34.

This allows both the old mg42 magazine, and ammo chain along with the new snail mag.
enigmabadger PRO 6 years ago
Over top of the ammo slot. The small "ears" on the side of the Saddle Drum grips the ammo slot just enough for fit that securely attaches the drum but is still easily removable
Sir Carlsberg 6 years ago
Badger, would you be able to post a picture of that Sten?
Because I am very interested on how it looks with that new mag.
The Wangster 2 5 years ago
I love these weapons...
CalHigh 5 years ago
I ordered some of these from GI Brick on the day they were released, and they probably wont be here for another week, Canada post needs to step up their game...
{} Dutch {} Posted 5 years ago. Edited by {} Dutch {} (member) 5 years ago
well hmmm..... I think i'll blow all my money on it : P
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