brianmclernon 8:11am, 13 August 2009
When Did You Take My Class? I'm sending this out to all my photo students who signed up for advanced information. A lot of Flickr names leave me no clue as to who you are! What was your name in class?!
niccolew 9 years ago
Hi Brian,
I took your class or should I say half of your class Fall '07. Yikes! Can't believe it was that long ago. My name is Niccole and my habitual tardiness was certainly due to my commute from Vancouver. Last year I started a photography business. It's been fun and completely overwhelming at the same time - Thanks so much for starting this. Amy passed along the info and it's just what I need. Would you ever be up for meeting and letting me pick your brain a bit?
brianmclernon 9 years ago
Hi Niccole,
Thanks for joining! I think it should create a good discussion about the kinds of photography we all are doing. Catching up sounds good. I'm gone this next week but the week after that I have gaps :-).

jwd07 9 years ago
Hi Brian,

Im in your Fall 09 PCC class at Wilson High.

lkasperowicz 9 years ago
I'm in the current (Fall 09) PCC class too
CroakingCrown 9 years ago
I am in your current class as well. --- Carolyn
gunderzac 9 years ago
I'm in the fall 09 class too.
jennifer79t 8 years ago
I was in the Winter 2009 class.

Kathy Conrow 8 years ago
I just finished your class tonight - so sad to be done. What an awesome learning experience. I am looking forward to further instruction in the future. Kathy
Stephen Reames 8 years ago
I just started...
lriffenburgh 6 years ago
Taking it now!!
greenphotobrd 5 years ago
Hello Brian

I am currently enrolled in your Getting Started in Manual Photography class . I enjoyed the 1st class and it was a good overview and intro. I look forward to the coming weeks.

greenphotobrd 5 years ago
Just finished the last class.

Thanks Brian. I enjoy your teaching style and learned a lot of good information.

Look forward to a future class or workshop

wsumpunk 3 years ago
In there right now, February 2015. Looking forward to improving my photos!
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