precious slip [deleted] 3:26pm, 19 October 2006
Hello, all,

I'd like to drive a bit more traffic to our little pool here, both members and photos (and sure, discussion!), and have been trying to think about how to do that.

Some ideas:
- shameless plugs at work/other social groups (email lists, blogs, etc.)/personal friends

- I was thinking about posting some fliers around the area, short and to the point, with a picture from our pool (please volunteer your photos!) and the URL. What I was ACTUALLY thinking of were small playing-card sized stickers to slap on light posts, etc., but that seemed a bit too much like vandalism. If there are smarter ways to do this, I'm all ears.

- exhibition???? maybe a few selected photos in the Emerson, or MSU Strand Union Building - F11 if they'd allow it (any store employees on here?)

- discussion! Zen Panda threw out a challenge recently about courthouses in Montana - I think the idea is a good one, but also a challenging one, since we'd obviously have to roam all over the state to get the pics. I think there could be several challenges here in town that might work out pretty well, also.

Any more ideas? Any comment on mine? Let me know!
ZhenPanda 12 years ago
There is Moo to help out with mini cards which you can post & share!

What would be the most challenging place in town to snap a photo?
precious slip [deleted] 12 years ago
Well, a "challenge" to my view is to capture something in a way that makes one see that thing in a new way, or consider an aspect they hadn't previously. Off the top of my head, possible challenges might be agricultural equipment, water features, capturing the social and cultural feel of Bozeman, etc.

Alternately, there are always scavenger hunts. We'd need a little more critical mass on the group I think to be able to do this well, but it's sure worked out well in other groups.
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