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From Sprtlead: I am leaving Flickr. Unfortunately when I leave the group's icon photo will have to be changed because I will be taking all my photos with me. Boxercab and Ritakinyo are the admins for this group now. They will be in charge of seeing to it that Boxer Place runs smoothly. I will miss all of you. God bless!
PS. Sir William sends his love too.

Edit from Boxercab: Sprtlead, we love you and miss you and William already. I would love to hear from you if you can. Take care. *hugs*


  • Thought you guys boxers lovers would enjoy...

    My family photo... unfortunately dad, second from the right, is no longer betwee...

    Gabriel Cardoso Foto6 months ago0 replies

  • ear cropping? yes or no?

    I've got a 8 wk old female boxer (Josie) and we are debating getting her ears la...

    marimom20106 months ago9 replies

  • Broken heart....but hope two new rescued Boxers rescue me!

    I just lost my boy Bandit at age 7 a little over two months ago. I'm still hear...

    lv_boxers17 months ago0 replies

  • hello to you all

    just a quick hello to you Boxer owners. Its great to see so many of this wonderf...

    pete luck17 months ago1 replies

  • Hi from a new member

    Just wanted to say hi to all , as a new member to the group and a new owner of a...

    eddissonuk18 months ago0 replies

  • Posting

    Hi! I am a member of this group but cannot post any photos of mine. Can you help...

    viki certaska19 months ago0 replies

  • My boxer's nose!

    I have a boxer aged 9, Brinndle & called Brinn actually! I was wondering if anyo...

    indeROKKandROLL25 months ago11 replies

  • New to the group

    Hi I'm new here dig all the pics my boy is jack 5 year old fawn n white

    vatomyk27 months ago0 replies

  • 6 week old black boxer, should we dock the tail??

    Hi i'm new to this group. My fiancé and i just got a 6 week old boxer puppy thi...

    AaronPhelps36 months ago5 replies

  • Please help to boxers

    Hi! I try to establish real Boxers Home for homeless, healthless, elderly, abuse...

    SOS BOXER41 months ago0 replies

  • Boxer-mix Rescue?

    Hello All! I have just joined this group to share some of our "puppy" pictures....

    kellynburnham41 months ago0 replies

  • presentation

    Hello everyone, I just joined the group, my name is Claudio from the province ...

    poldo5141 months ago0 replies

  • Accidental photos of your Boxer!

    I was taking some shots of a remodel project i am working on the other day, and ...

    MythicSeabass45 months ago0 replies

  • Cancer in my boxer, Sammy

    I just joined this wonderful group a few days ago, right before we discovered a ...

    colleenvp46 months ago22 replies

  • Hello I'm new to this group

    Hi everyone, I'm a huge dog person and recently got hired on at a doggy day ...

    AdamsBullDozer46 months ago2 replies

  • 7 Years Not Long Enough

    I just put down my male boxer Kiko last Friday. He started acting different abo...

    Slider4253 months ago5 replies

  • Brown Family Update

    I stopped using Flickr for a while but have recently started uploading my pics a...

    teri222456 months ago0 replies

  • Boxer Nick Names

    I just have to ask to see what some of the boxer lovers here will answer. I saw ...

    zeusers_momma57 months ago75 replies

  • Post Your Favorite Photo!

    If you could pick just ONE photo of your loveable boxer and call it a fave, whic...

    Left Flickr57 months ago86 replies

  • i just lost my 7 year old boxer

    my boxer tyson was healthy as a horse until around seven years of age.he started...

    johnamiehicks57 months ago24 replies

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