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RSS from the group is messed up

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porscheheritage says:

Hello folks, Hello Admin.

RSS is an import way for many people to enjoy the group

I love the group! But, it appears that the "Extra Code" you have in the about section is screwing up RSS feeds..

Im sure you will get more people participating if you find some other way in customizing the group.


You can test the feed here:

You can test it out at:

The group feed address is:

When the feed reader reads the RSS stream from the group we get this:

Is it possible to remove the code below from the "About Us" Section

BoXa.net (Porsche Boxster) Pool

boxa 2

This group is dedicated to Porsche Boxster ownership in conjunction with www.BoXa.net the UK's largest Porsche Boxster Forum.

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7:31PM, 11 November 2009 PDT (permalink)

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BoXa.net_Simon is a group administrator BoXa.net_Simon says:

OK, Cheers.

I will have a look and try and get it fixed.
105 months ago (permalink)

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porscheheritage says:

Roger That!

Thanks Simon!
104 months ago (permalink)

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