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Day Night Tripper ADMIN December 27, 2018
Thank you immensely for all of the amazing holiday bokeh images that were just dropped into the 2018 pool.


Group Description

For all those who love shots with shallow depth-of-field and beautiful bokeh

Post pictures where you have made creative use of the properties of bokeh

===Comment code===

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Will look like:

bokeh group

Seen in bokeh group.

Feel free to comment on pics in the pool using the code. What goes around comes around.

Pics that caught our eye.

マギルゥ - Tale of Berseria by DaxieChang

Dusk Lights by Nate Conn

Teramachi by benriley80


Rocambolesque by Christian8340225

NOKTON by Spy-glass


bokeh group update

New Gallery for Bokeh Group Members only!


A Fine Art Gallery has been created on flickr and is exclusive to members of The bokeh Group.

The Bokeh Group Gallery has been created so our members may showcase all of their art work and photography, not just Bokeh images.

To become a member click on this link: Bokeh Group Gallery.
Read the rules, join and add one high quality image to the group Queue. Note: Your first image must be a bokeh photograph which is already in the bokeh Group Pool.

Reminder: Please visit our Sister Group, Masters of Bokeh and enjoy the high quality and interesting bokeh artwork. This group is open to the public. Artists with a good understanding of Bokeh are encouraged to join.
Browse the Masters of Bokeh Group Pool to see if you have what it takes to be a member.

Examples from our gallery

Limited depth of field throws up a kind of texture in the blur if it is extreme enough. This is what we are looking for in your photographs. Ideally this blur should be quite profound and throw up visual artefacts from the shape of the lens aperture. Some desire polygonal or circular hard or soft shapes while others prefer a smooth, creamy texture.

This is what we want to see, not a good pic with no bokeh. There are loads of groups to do that in. Just because it's a good pic doesn't mean it'll stay or even get to the pool - it has to be a picture using bokeh
to enhance or make the picture work.

Bokeh is not just about limited depth of field. Just because your picture has limited depth of field does not mean you should post it here. Does your picture have a distinct area of focus and profound defocus? If it's a picture of something with a band of focus across it and everything just fades into blur beyond this, so what! We get a lot of pictures of books with print tilting away from the lens and a narrow band of focus, for example. This is not exciting or anything other than a photo class example of what depth of field actually is.

To excel in the group you really should be trying to use the blur to creatively enhance your shot rather than finding it there as an accident and instantly thinking it is creatively excellent by default. Of course, there are always happy accidents...

Motion blur or blur due to panning is not bokeh.

Lens flare is not bokeh.

Please don't post things where the whole image is blurred.

Please don't post things taken with tilt shift adapters or by so-called free lensing. There are groups for this - post them in there.

If your picture does not make it to the pool it does not mean it's a bad picture so please do not be offended. We're putting a bit of effort into making this a specialist group.

===Comment code===

<a href=""><img src="" width="240" height="100" alt="bokeh group" /></a>

<b>Seen in <a href="">bokeh group</a>.</b>


Will look like:

bokeh group

Seen in bokeh group.

Feel free to comment on pics in the pool using the code. What goes around comes around.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Group Rules

You agree to these rules when you join the group. If you then immediately break them on joining you will be permanently banned from the group.

Bokeh is difficult to define and means a lot of different things to different people. However, in this group we're talking about the aesthetic effects generated by lenses in the out of focus areas due to the depth of field of the lens.

Images we want you to post in this group should have something pleasing in the out of focus areas that has been generated by the characteristics of the lens only, not because you glued a cardboard cutout to it in some way. To do this you should have narrow depth of field but we don't just want every single picture you ever took where the background is blurred out.

Things we don't want in the group:

* Pictures where everything is in focus
* Pictures where everything is out of focus
* Pictures with other pictures of a lot of sparkly blurred lights (or similar) layered into them in Photoshop
* Pictures made up of more than one picture unless every single one of them is suitable for the group
* Macro pictures where we're supposed to be impressed that only part of the image is in focus. All macro images do this. Fair enough if you have a picture of a butterfly with a distinct and separate background that looks magnificent.
* HDR images or pictures excessively edited with layers and so on.
* Smeary tilt shift stuff.
* Pictures where the image is blurred because of an intervening surface (e.g. a rainy window or frosted glass).
* Pictures where it's just a collection of blurry points of light. Everyone can do this, it's not awesome.
* Pictures where you confused lens flare with bokeh.

Sometimes people use software to spam post their pictures to every single group they are a member of - even if the picture is not suitable for the group. This pollutes group pools with irrelevant images and wastes our time as admins. If you do this to us we will ban you.

The group has submissions that are pre-moderated. This means your picture may not appear for a few days or it may not appear at all for reasons you don't fully understand. We may refuse any picture if we feel it does not follow submission guidelines or if we think it is of very low quality.This is a subjective process. If you cannot deal with this then please do not post pictures to this group.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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