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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Blythiful Magazine group! We all know how Blythe is SO beautiful, so I decided to create a magazine for Blythe, her friends and the "parents" to enjoy! No one will be left out!
If you want to collaborate by sending in some material, please contact me through:
The website is still under development, but it should be up soon ^^
Stay Blythiful!! Visit


  • BlytheCon UK 2013 - Glasgow

    tickets are on sale NOW. check the website.

    Misato ♥ Leo COUTURE76 months ago2 replies

  • #2 is available...

    ... finally, after wanting so much to come back! Please visit ou fb page: www.f...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥87 months ago1 replies

  • Glad To Hear About The Return

    I just wanted to let you know that I am glad to hear about the return of Blythif...

    rhubs knit87 months ago3 replies

  • where's the magazine?


    scrEEnName_ aka disco_biscuit97 months ago42 replies

  • is the magazine still available?

    Where can I read it ?

    noneotherthanemily97 months ago7 replies

  • What did you think of #1?

    I would love to hear all of your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about the 1st issue of B...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥113 months ago13 replies

  • #2 is almost out

    you can make your pre-orders now. each mag is $7 + $3 for shipping, if you want...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥ages ago7 replies

  • Magazine topics

    Here are the magazine topics, for starters. More can/will be added. Aqui estan ...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥ages ago22 replies

  • How do we get our photos submitted to the mag?

    Just as the title says, im curious as to how we would get our photos featured in...

    zippy deskages ago2 replies

  • Can I post pics of petites on here?

    Well... Can I post pics of petites on here? xxx

    gorgeous conditionages ago2 replies

  • Website

    your link is not working .:D

    wickeddollzages ago3 replies

  • Bring your friends over

    Invite your doll loving friends to join this group and to participate in the mag...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥ages ago5 replies

  • December 2008 - Issue 01

    Hi! For the December issue we already have a cover girl and possibly the Pullip...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥ages ago15 replies

  • Blythiful magazine

    Hi everyone! I'm starting a new magazine for Blythe and other "similar" dolli...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥ages ago16 replies

  • Magazine publicity/ Site linking/ Advertising

    If you have a business and you want to advertise with us, you're welcome to cont...

    theblackcatpt ✄--♥ages ago10 replies

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