Vixie Vaporous PRO 12:25am, 22 June 2010
Hey everyone. I see so many beautiful photos of Tweedly Do here. I am wondering what her hair color is. In some photos it looks brown in others it looks black. So what exactly is her hair color?
Happy Hermit 8 years ago
It is a really dark chestnut brown. Definitely brown, though, not black, even though it does look really dark in some pictures! :)
Vixie Vaporous PRO 8 years ago
Oh noesss...I WANTED it to be black. I want her to be my mini-me. sigh.. I'll love envertheless. I'm still waiting for her to get here. I wonder why she is not so popular when her skin color and lip color are so unique!
Happy Hermit 8 years ago
I know, I love Tweedly Do. She was one of my first dolls. I read a while back on thisisblythe that people thought she was boring when she came out. I, however, think she is awesome!

That being said, her hair was SUCH a mess when I got her NRFB. It is really thick and bushy. A good dip in hot water/fabric softener helped out, though. :)
I have to say my Tweedly's hair is my favorite of all my girls so far. I got her used, so I don't know if someone gave her a super duper hair treatment. But it's so pretty and soft. I'd say it's darker than Heather Sky's. But I don't have much dolly experience to be an expert.
ninive_rb 3 years ago
I also had to wash the hair on mine, took me days of washing with conditioner and brushing to get her to look decent. She was used, well kept but the hair was dull and coarse. I like the shine the conditioner gives.
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