Thin hair?

ellewoods2007 PRO 4:57pm, 3 May 2009
Is it just my girl or is her hair very thin? O.o
aware stitch [deleted] 9 years ago
My girl has very little hair, just like my PDWW and MRM
Citlali ❤ 9 years ago
Yes, mine has very thin hair I thought it was just mine!
G.Baby Dolls PRO 9 years ago
It's thin and there's very little of it too! It's quite hard to style actually... I might toss it
ellewoods2007 PRO 9 years ago
Omgosh! A relief to hear! I was so scared I got a bad doll. Her hair is super thin (and yes, could use a lot more hair) but alas, she is gorgeous!!
She is super shiny too...I've never sprayed a doll myself but might have to for photo sake!

lÓuÓs PRO 9 years ago
I like that her hair is not overwhelmingly thick, I kind of find it much easier to style than a head of thick hair. You can see how easy to style from my pictures ^_^

Super shiny, yes! I think darker skinned Blythes tend to appear more shiny - my Roxy was overwhelmingly shiny that I could have used her as a mirror in the morning, I had to semi-matte her and I also did the same to my SH.

Can't wait to see pictures of everyone's SH!
G.Baby Dolls PRO 9 years ago
lÓuÓs how did you semi-matte her? I just might have to try that :)
I just received both my Sunshine and Heather Sky together and i just deboxed them....yes.. SH has thinner and lesser hair compare to Heather sky... But she's that i see them in real life.. I feel that Sunshine is prettier than HS in a sexy way...anyway they both gorgeous and I love them as much...

yes she is shinny...

fyi, I just spray matted my saffy and i felt that it changes her look...and i kinda like her better shinny.. so for now i won't do anything to my SH... I love her the way she is... and sooooo happy..couldn't stop looking at her :)
Olivia and Blythe 6 years ago
Mine is very thin but i don t care its nice to have a thin haired girl
BlythCouture clothes 6 years ago
I agree, my SH has very thin hair which makes it hard to style as I don't want to her scalp to show. Wish there were more rows of plugs in her scalp. But she is still very sweet.
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