Yennie ~ need more dolly time..:( 7:02am, 6 April 2009
Talisha... it's a mermaid name ' Talise' meaning princess of the ocean :)
Mine is Catriona
tufflove 9 years ago
Mine is Xara.
G.Baby Dolls PRO 9 years ago
Kailani meaning "sea and sky" or "heavenly seas"
Fuzzy Feet (Alisha) 9 years ago
I actually wracked my brain & I like Rainey lol
ellewoods2007 PRO 9 years ago
I just named mine "Bunny!"
Jenny♔Couture 9 years ago
Mine is named Melrose, but she goes by Vodka! ;)
bell_chan 9 years ago
Mine is Summer! :)
_CrisRibeiro_ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by _CrisRibeiro_ (member) 9 years ago
Leticia, that means joy.
My girl got my name: RITA!
aback account [deleted] 9 years ago
Mine is Cameo
~meganism~ PRO 9 years ago
Stephanie Leigh ("Leigh")
fairyflip 9 years ago
My girl is named Shiny.
my sunshine holiday is named Zoë.
onwr 9 years ago
i named her Mona
i think mine is going to be Fiona Wednesday. Fi for short. =)
♥Marcelo Cravero♥ 9 years ago
mine is KERALA =)
Lu Bodaczny ♥ 9 years ago
Hi! Mine is Mel which means "honey" in portuguese.
bizacco- Larissa Auto 9 years ago
hi... mine is Jadileuza...
Lu Fulô 9 years ago
Mine is Nutella, becouse she looks like a chocolate!!!
♥ Flα ωeiss 9 years ago
Sammy ;)
luckee316 PRO 8 years ago
Mine just arrived this morning. Her name is Fallon.
Petra Tpish 8 years ago
My SH is Rafaela Canela. (Canela means "Cynnamon" in portuguese ^_^)
PristineBelle 8 years ago
Sunny Hollie from Cali! (-________~)/
such_jaunt 8 years ago
My girl is called Billie :D
chrissange 8 years ago
Mine, arrived today is named: Madeleine. ;)
Nina Victor PRO 8 years ago
Mine is called Felícia Felina. ;)
Lil Miss Suzy 8 years ago
Hi All! As soon as I saw SH, I just had to name her SUMMER =)
Patty is Timeslip PRO 8 years ago
My girl is Cassidy.
guika2009 8 years ago
Pro Snails PRO 7 years ago
My girls name is Peach :3
aback account [deleted] 7 years ago
My SH is Martha :)
Olivia and Blythe 7 years ago
santa_fulmine 3 years ago
Mine is Phoebe^^
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