Yennie ~ need more dolly time..:( 3:31pm, 16 May 2009
I stained my girl's feet...anyone knows how to remove the ink stain... any advise will be very much appreciated...
thanks a million.. :)
Citlali ❤ 9 years ago
use acne cream for example oxy below is helpful tips on squeakymonkeys website
Thank you so much Citlali.... That was helpful.... :) i tried acne cream but i was expecting instant result....well i guess i have to be patient :)
thanks again....:)
Citlali ❤ 9 years ago
It does work but yes it does take patience but it will go away :^)
Thanks a lot Citlali.... I'm now trying the acne cream + sunlight + a little patience and lots of TLC.... hope it works...:)
Thanks again for the helpful advice...:)
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