Loose Legs...

d a v i d , 9:49pm, 4 May 2009
heather and my adorable aubrey have really loose legs, but my heather's legs can't even support her. if you hold her on the legs she flops right over unlike any blythe i've owned... i'm worried they're going to fall off too. very loose, and she's a special skin tone so body replacement would be hard... any ideas? anyone else have these problems with their heather?
Citlali ❤ 9 years ago
My Star Dancer was a NRFB doll and her body was really loose too. My prima dollies didn't come with loose bodies but my Winsome Willow came with horrible hair I had to trim the ends of her hair it was really frizzy no matter what I did. Sometimes I think the quality control is very low for Takara. Sorry to hear about your dollies I hear elastic bands help
gingmaganda™isWaitingForTheBus♥ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by gingmaganda™isWaitingForTheBus♥ (member) 9 years ago
same thing with my HS! she flops over backwards and she worries me. i thought rbl heads were heavier at first but she weighs just about the same as my other doll.

do i put the elastic bands right around her hips?
My Sunshine Holiday comes with loose waist... when you hold her legs..her body will just bent over....
i love her too much that i didn't mind....
Michi~ 9 years ago
I have the same problem as you for my heather... she practically just bends over as if she has no spine!!! >.<
super dooper 9 years ago
I think with this new prima dolly. We all have the same problems. My HS also the same. She has a very loose legs. It happens to my UT as well.
♥PAM♥dolls♥ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ♥PAM♥dolls♥ (member) 9 years ago
I have the same problem with my HS I thought she was going to be like my CO but CO is so much solid than HS.
aware stitch [deleted] 9 years ago
I noticed my Heather has a somewhat loose hip area as well but not that bad.
i managed to put transparent elastic bands in the spaces between her legs and pelvis(?) and she seems better now although her legs are now more spread apart. but at least she has some bit of a spine now. and that is a good thing for me. yay!
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