soni K 8:54pm, 15 April 2009
Now that she's here, in person, has anyone decided what Heather's ethnic origin could be? Is she a tan caucasian? Is she Latina? Is she African American? When I look at her I see "light skinned black". But I was just curious what others saw. I hope no one is offended by this post!! If so, I'll happily delete.

quiltparalegal Posted 9 years ago. Edited by quiltparalegal (member) 9 years ago
Mandy was a Bahama girl
Mandy was a Bahama girl
Mandy, oh, Mandy
Oh, Mandy mine.
Dark brown hair
And eyes of blue
Prettiest girl I ever knew
Mandy, oh, Mandy
Oh, Mandy mine.
Mandy & Krystal by quiltparalegal
*~. Mar .~* Posted 9 years ago. Edited by *~. Mar .~* (member) 9 years ago
According to me, she's latina. Because her hair is not very dark... :-D
♥SoL♥ 9 years ago
when I see her I see Latina too, the hair color does it for me too.
irulethegalaxy 9 years ago
I just see a cute doll :)
grrrlie4 9 years ago
According to me, she's Native American :-)
But that's what I love about Heather,she is all of these options! I also considered Indian or Maori!
Artisan Allure 9 years ago
I see JLo - so she must be latina ;)
blomquist / Ole PRO 9 years ago
For me she is a very cute hippie-girl from everywhere...maybe Ibiza!

; )
ladygreenleaves 9 years ago
Personally I think she could be anything.
She reminds me of Halle Berry.
EddopusComplex 9 years ago
I agree. She's anything you want her to be :)
Tanned? Perhaps. No one is correct. Yup, not even I, Mr. Know-it-all-in-the-universe. LOL!
To me she's def NOT a white girl...she's def neither Scottish, Finnish, Swedish nor Albino, etc.
LauraKateIsCrafty 9 years ago
well, i think *all* dolls are "ethnic" - just not necessarily of a non-white ethnicity. i certainly have an ethnicity, even if it's a northern and western european descent...

that said, i agree with many - she is what she is to each an every one. based on the little story that the 3 primas were released with, i think it's safe to say she's not "african american" because the story didn't imply 'american' in the least. black? maybe. latina? perhaps. non-latin central american? maybe. truly caucasian (as in someone from the caucasus region)? there's a possibility. all i know is that she's BEAUTIFUL!

personally, i don't care what she is, but i want my girl to get here! it's been almost 3 weeks and i think she's being held in customs....grawr.
i am from the philippines where the great beaches are and the tan skin is so Filipina!
megipupu PRO 9 years ago
My Perdy looks like tanned caucasian with her (custom) blue eyes, but with brown eyes on, she suddenly becomes Peruvian or Bolivian! ^-^
colourful beanie by megipupu
According to me she's Brazilian. You can see girls with this skin and hair colors everywhere here. ;)
Helena / Funny Bunny 9 years ago
She can be anyone! haha! Even caucasian if it is someone who loooves to tan and has the proper complexion for it (not redding). The brown hair is good giveaway for that..

Or she can be a natural dark girl but with lightened hair! Yes, she can be anyone! XD
mine is brazilian with portuguese, indian, african and japanese ancesters like many brazilians ;)
lemieuxdoll PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by lemieuxdoll (member) 9 years ago
I agree with gingmaganda-to me she is a gorgeous girl from the Philippines! (I may be biased, because I am part Filipino). But to me, that is who she is! Gorgeous!
♥PAM♥dolls♥ 9 years ago
My Lila is Indian!!!
Nice Lil' Thingies 9 years ago
To me she's PuertoRican....So Cute...I'm new to This..just received my first doll , from my Husband. Take Care Everyone!!
purlygirls 9 years ago
I definitely see an island girl! I'm still trying to figure out which island she is from! I agree that she is GORGEOUS. When I first received my HS I named her Catherine after my cousin, but the longer she's been with me, I'm thinking of renmaing her.
Satorare 9 years ago
I think, she comes from south india or from another southeast asian country... I named my HS Chandni (indian for moonlight)...
ariisu81 PRO 8 years ago
to me, she is half caucasian, half african-american.
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