Musings by * Victorine * 7:44am, 11 April 2009
Fayola Sun !
Naomi Chocolate!
lin1610 9 years ago
Lilo from Lilo and Stitch =D
sleepingelf PRO 9 years ago
meganezaru75 9 years ago
aware stitch [deleted] 9 years ago
d a v i d , 9 years ago
Jamaica :)
handsomely shock [deleted] 9 years ago
Marisol :)
blomquist / Ole PRO 9 years ago
super dooper 9 years ago
I m still waiting for her but i will call her "Malibu".
quiltparalegal 9 years ago
Mandy was a Bahama girl
Mandy was a Bahama girl
Mandy, oh, Mandy
Oh, Mandy mine.
Dark brown hair
And eyes of blue
Prettiest girl I ever knew
Mandy, oh, Mandy
Oh, Mandy mine.
Silly lil' Doe! 9 years ago
Nutella :))
irulethegalaxy 9 years ago
GatorWrangler PRO 9 years ago
Alexis Sky :)
darkfairy by jangky 9 years ago
Uv. ^__^
Marise's wings PRO 9 years ago
EddopusComplex 9 years ago
Her name is Coffy ^__^
Amy's Love. 9 years ago
grrrlie4 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by grrrlie4 (member) 9 years ago
I named mine Sky-Thunderchild
Sky, Ginger and Lula
meganezaru75 9 years ago
I gave her a surname so she is now Darcy Jaffa.
1/2 thebe@uty 9 years ago
HS #1 Jewel.
I usually don't name most of my girls but I think I'll call her "Bunny" because she's (re)born during the easter:)

Mad Maddy PRO 9 years ago
I often keep the first initial for my girls names.
My HS is Hanya, which is an aboriginal name meaning "a rock".
soykitty 9 years ago
I'm still waiting, but...
I call her Bruna
soni K 9 years ago
Jungle Julia :))
* Rezinha * 9 years ago
*~. Mar .~* 9 years ago
Rosa-Cacao :-)
luckee316 PRO 9 years ago
I just got mine today. I'm thinking Bree.
buganville 9 years ago
holly rainbow 9 years ago
*★_ Curuxuka _★* 9 years ago
Eris Black
Oh my Blythe! (Amy) 9 years ago
Supernenek 9 years ago
Lakdi (लकडी)
Satorare 9 years ago
Chandni (it's an indian name and means "moonlight")
Billie after Billie Holiday <3
Suedehead 9 years ago
JaymeeW 9 years ago
LauraKateIsCrafty 9 years ago
*ZooMy* 9 years ago
Mad Mädchen 9 years ago
Chloris2008 9 years ago
Cakau ♥ 9 years ago
Calendar girl 48 / grannygreen Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Calendar girl 48 / grannygreen (member) 9 years ago
Dusty! (as in Springfield). My other 11 girls have Beatles-inspired names.
She is on the way to me after slight customisation. Can't wait! :-)
Tiara... because she's so precious (and overpriced)
1/2 thebe@uty 9 years ago
HS #2 Hendrix.
♥PAM♥dolls♥ 9 years ago
cut cakes [deleted] 9 years ago
Drew :D
topkodamisia PRO 9 years ago
Namie ^__^
adhesive fnord [deleted] 9 years ago
Coco Chantal.
Michi~ 9 years ago
luxuriant north [deleted] 9 years ago
Yunique Estelle Ami Heather!
megipupu PRO 9 years ago
Perdy ^-^
Perdy in sunset by megipupu
~little pebble~ PRO 9 years ago
Mouse ♥
sassybead PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by sassybead (member) 9 years ago
Mocha Java!! (and Mokey Java to her sister Josey!)
Camila Carambola
musebreakz 9 years ago
Koko, after Koko Taylor and Coco Chanel kind of... spells like koko and makes me think of Chanel :)
ladygreenleaves 9 years ago
Hazelnut or just Hazel
Pamsprettydesigns PRO 9 years ago
barbara.lee19 9 years ago
I finally picked a name. Autumn.
♥Belula♥ 9 years ago
nkawai 9 years ago
My HS' name is Juno Lempitchka.

Her last owner called her Juno but I added the surname :P
JOANA_NEBULA 9 years ago
christinopia PRO 9 years ago
Consuelo ^^
BearbyDoLL 9 years ago
CoCo Chanel ^^
Spitsmuis (zusanova) 9 years ago
Déa (Brat Princess) 9 years ago
Mercedes! =)
mammoth school [deleted] 9 years ago
Marigold. ^^
Honey_Dolls 9 years ago
Maria Emilia :-) 9 years ago
♥Marcelo Cravero♥ 8 years ago
Mine is Patricia Obama
Nice Lil' Thingies 8 years ago
"Latte" her name.
bored governor [deleted] 8 years ago
Rita =)
~*LadyCrow*~ 8 years ago
Summer Sunshine(my pick was Summer,Hubby picked Sunshine so I used both names)
quaint design [deleted] 8 years ago
will be melissa...I can´t wait.
nkawai 8 years ago
I have put on adoption my HS and now I get another custom one.
Her name is Juninho Juno :D
Rakeluky 8 years ago
Citruquinz 7 years ago
Amber Aurora!
Charlie Tomato 6 years ago
Sweet.Blythe 6 years ago
madtwinsis11 4 years ago
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