quiltparalegal 6:41pm, 3 April 2009
Is anyone having problems keeping the sandals on her feet?
Seems like they are way too big!
aware stitch [deleted] 9 years ago
some people use those tiny clear rubberbands to keep shoes on.
grrrlie4 9 years ago
Yes, the clear rubber bands work really well :-)
quiltparalegal 9 years ago
I've never seen those - can you find them at a typical mall little girl hair notion store?
grrrlie4 9 years ago
Goody Brand makes some good ones. They are available at any major beauty store/drug store.
Here's a link to see what the product looks like. We are talking specifically about the clear ones on the top right:
quiltparalegal 9 years ago
Great - I'll check them out - many thanks!
Satorare 9 years ago
You can also take some narrow ribbons and thread them through the holes in her heels... and then use the ribbon to tie them on her legs. Could look very nice...
quiltparalegal 9 years ago
Satorare - great idea!
♥PAM♥dolls♥ 9 years ago

I do as Satorare said ^_^
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