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I visited the site and while a number of images have hits, I found nothing sold. Perhaps this is a "wanna-be" stock agency. Have any of you had any works published? Was it worth it in terms of money received?
Orbmiser Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Orbmiser (member) 5 years ago
I would say that is a fair assessment.

1) Total images only pan out to about 1600 images. That is less than a drop in the bucket for a stock image library.
2) Of that total at least a third to half have no business being in a stock library and rate them at snapshot quality. And way too many similar and redundant images. Knocking down the total library count even more.
3) Little in the way of People shots. Executives/Business types,Family,Kids,Lover's,Grandpa & Grandma,etc.. This accounts for at least 50% of stock sales. And a main theme in advertising products & services.
4) Little in the way of Food & Food service industry restaurants,fine dining,etc...
5) No image title just cryptic number for image. Where title can help pin down specifics description. As keywords are fine and dandy but finding their keywords inconsistent and missed opportunities lack of keywords describing a theme,feeling in many of the images.
7) Little in Aspects of Life - City Life the hustle and bustle of people in a city context,Country life the same aspect of country,farm and small town living.
8) All images show this year submitted so library hasn't been around even a full year?
9) Who are their customers & clients?
10) How forceful is their marketing & sales dept. Are they out there tearing up the advertising world and looking under rocks? It's a Cutthroat business.
11) Are they finding a niche that is under-utilized or creating a specific niche that isn't being covered by other stock agencies?

Again I wish them success as present I'm with Getty and they are making all kinds of cutthroat deals that undermines the photographer's ability to make any decent money with their images. This has been a steady decline last 5 years. As the market becomes saturated with images and photographer's. I'm lucky to make a sale or two per month. With Getty contributer's numbering in the 80,000+ getty photographers and a library of 1.5 million or so images.

Throw away any notion of making any real monies with stock. Their are some that still make a few decent bucks but they have been in stock for 5-10 years and have hundreds if not thousands of images in stock and many times more than one stock agency. But a photographer's cut on on majority of image sales is now in the $0.01 yep a penny to $10 per image range. With an occasional image sold for $250 to client which netted me $50.

The majority of stock contributers that have come online last 2 years like me. Have maybe double digits accepted in stock. Myself have 77 images with getty and most of those were accepted in first year. 2nd year may have had 12 requested by getty and last 5 months Zero! Even tho have been shooting and posting images for consideration about everyday.
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