PaulO Classic. © PRO 5:31pm, 9 July 2013
I was invited to this group, but to my dismay, I have found that the first 50 to 100 photos are all from the same person, and look like family snap shots, surely that is not what this is meant for??!!
panoramic ice [deleted] 5 years ago
There is a market for pretty much all types of photographs.
frantic club [deleted] 5 years ago
I was invited too wich photo fromo do you want ? gigs, lanscapes ???
panoramic ice [deleted] 5 years ago

landscapes would be nice!
ali trisno pranoto 5 years ago
If i share photo here, automatic become stock in website? How does it work here?
Thanks for the invitation by the way :)
msmithuk22 PRO 5 years ago
I had an invitation and take a variety of shots, the majority on my flickr account are aviation based. Could you take a look and tell me which ones are useful for the group and then I know which ones to add as I have 1,000 images.

Crafterkid PRO 5 years ago
I too had an invite, I tend to favour plants & wildlife. Is that what you are looking for? How does this work? Many thanks x
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