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greentea flute is a group administrator greentea flute says:

Some people here are definitely using blurry as a distinctive means of self-expression, a kind of "post-focus" post-industrial form of expression, I learnt this by looking at the submissions here on blurvision and at the flickr streams of the excellent photographeurs who have posted here, and it is clear that "the blur look" is being increasingly incorporated into many personal styles of expression.

More than twenty years ago, this was part of my own photographic aesthetic, which is why we started the blurvision group in the first place, because we felt that many blurry photos have an integrity not recognized by most of the public or even art schools, or galleries. Three-and-a-half years after initiating the group, it does seem that there are many on flickr who are embracing blurriness as a focus for their work.

This post-focus blurry aesthetic also shows up in numerous recent films, Lynch's "Inland Empire" (2006) uses the complete blur-out to express a very personal moment of awareness.
10:51AM, 27 March 2008 PDT (permalink)

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