Thank You Zenera

dreaman59 6:04am, 29 October 2006
I can't tell you how glad I am to find this group. Up to now I have been deleting all of my blurred photos.
Thank You so much. you will definitely be in my contact list.

zenera 12 years ago
So pleased that you like Blurvision, thank you Pete!!!

Now you have an excuse to take blurry pictures on purpose ;))
friedkampes 12 years ago
Thanks for pointing me in this direction, zenera!
zenera 12 years ago
Happy to see you here Fried :))
habeebee PRO 11 years ago
This really is a great group. I spend too little time browsing the groups I'm in, but every time I do this is one of the ones I'm struck by. Lots of quality content. So thanks!
kino-eye 11 years ago
Blurvision is one of my favorite groups...
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