wilmag75 1:06pm, 25 June 2006
Loving the new rotationblur, especially when your subject is caught dead centre in the picture. This adds a slightly more interest to a picture than the normal handshakeblur. Any other techniques out there?
iPhotograph PRO 12 years ago
Have the subject rotate... ;)
Motion blur ...
langenberg PRO 12 years ago
adhesive rice [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by adhesive rice (member) 11 years ago
I find that fans with lights in the middle of them to make an amusing subject. I moved the camera just a bit back and forth and in circles while the shutter was still open.


I moved the camera up and down for this one:

kycamlewis 11 years ago
Love the dog, it looks like one of those old smudgy Ralph Steadman polaroids good fun
zenera 11 years ago
Really fun, the dog rocks!!!
capriana 11 years ago
If you guys like that, you'll love this:

that's on my stream. Here's the group:
It's a new method of experimental photography. I suggest that you guys check it out.
greentea flute 11 years ago
stormy day 2

On the tell your blurry stories thread, I just posted this one, blurry from a steamy lens .....
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