skin 11:11am, 10 August 2005
apart from being blurry, is there any other criteria?

does it matter if the blur is intentional or not?

is there criteria already and i've simply missed it!?
zen PRO 13 years ago
I'm not the admin, but from what i've seen here it doesn't matter whether it's intentional or not. It can be because you moved the camera, something in the camera's field of view moved, or you zoomed/panned or whatever.

Larger blurs are preferable over those that are hardly noticable, but both are allowed.
Indy Charlie 13 years ago
I wouldn't worry about specifics like that; they're not mentioned in the group description.
skin 13 years ago
thanks, just to check, some groups can be stricter than other. blur on.
zenera 13 years ago
Hello everyone, thanks zen' perfect reply, a true Burvisionary! Post what ever you feel fits, of course it depends on your vision.

So pleased you are all here! Thank you!
zen PRO 13 years ago
we zen-types know! :)
aback account [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by aback account (member) 11 years ago
can i reignite this topic please!!!

camera shake should never be allowed to be classified as blur..
neither should soft focus be confused with blur
and accidental blur should always be acknowledged and to the critical eye.. it will always be obvious..

why am i saying this well because if any of you hope to enter any serious competitions or have your blur photographs published as blur.. then they must always be delibarate skillfull and well crafted blur. else they will be rejected
greentea flute 11 years ago
well, John may be correct for a particular competition, but this "blurvision" group was initiated to acknowledge that blurry photographs, whether accidental, intentional, or UNintentional, are sometimes as expressive or even more expressive and articulate in capturing a subject, feeling or idea than that highly focused clear image we are taught to cherish at an early age ..... so this group is for the serendipitous blur or the intentional blur
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
thank you for explaining the group to me and for straightening me out.. i asked because there are a lot of blur fans out there who take the whole thing extremely seriously..
jibrilbaldhead 11 years ago
So.. in the competitions.. they'd be like "wow this is a great photo... but you didn't try to do it exactly like that so it fails"

silliness. great shot is great shot.
bcg~art PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by bcg~art (member) 10 years ago
THANK YOU greenteaflute for such an open minded reply, and for creating such a group. Starting to take Rules for art "extremely seriously' is the start of the wrong path, I do believe. Yes, the serendipitous can often lead to something amazing.....
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