El Señor Snoid 11:58pm, 24 July 2005
New in the group.I post some pics.Hope you like it.

cautious range [deleted] 13 years ago
Welcome :)
Pouchkinette 13 years ago
(from another new-in-the-group)
zenera 13 years ago
Welcome everyone, thank you for joining Blurvision!
breezy store [deleted] 13 years ago
bon journo!
zenera 13 years ago
bon journo! happy to see you here!
hello to you and to everyone as well. I am new too. Hope you like my additions to the pool.
El Señor Snoid 13 years ago
Thanks, I'll keep posting images to this pool.

Friendly people here.
bitterlysweet 13 years ago
Hi all, i am also a newbie here!
Anders Östberg 13 years ago
Hi there! Only been here a few days, forgot to check in here though. Keep posting pictures people, it's an interesting group!
tico_24 13 years ago
Hello. I just stumbled across the group and shoved some pictures in the pool. Hope everyone doesn't mind the sudden influx of tico pictures!
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