loupiote (Old Skool) pro PRO 4:37am, 18 July 2005
any idea why my photos do not show in the blurvision blog (blurvision.blogspot.com/ ) ?

i can see photos posted before and after mine in the group pool, but my photos never show there on the blog page.

any idea ?

also, other people's photos don't show either.

my photos are public, and i'm not NIPSA, so they should show, i think.
Noortje Schmit 13 years ago
Maybe because your photo's have an All rights reserved licence instead of a creative commons licence. The blog is licenced under CC.
zenera 13 years ago
The Blurvision blog is a way to get readership from outside Flickr to see the super pictures in Blurvision.

When Flickr made it possible to have a "badge" that shows group pool postings I had the idea to impliment this on the Bluvision blog. It isn't a real blog, but just shows the most recently posted photos from the Blurvision pool.

As Blurvision now has so many members (1172) the pool turnover is quite fast, rather like looking at "everyones". So the only reason for your photos not to show up on the Blurvision blog, is, if at the time you post them to the pool there are other photos also being posted, yours get shoved off the 10 most recent spot on the blog. It has nothing to do with the copyright or anything else.

You could test this by opening the Blurvision blog, then posting a photo to the pool, then refreshing the Blurvision blog page, your photo might show up!

The best way to see your pictures is the Blurvision pool.

Sorry if your have been disappointed!


I have posted about this in the Flickr Bugs forum, hopefully the Flickr team will be able to sort this out.
Eileen Delhi PRO 13 years ago
It skips quite a few people (me too, as far as I can tell from experimentation). My photos are definitely CC. There must be a bug in there somewhere. Not a major issue, though, since we have the lovely pool to play in. Thanks to the admins for their good work.
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