Debbie C.B.'s PRO 1:56am, 8 May 2005
how do I post a photo here on blur or in blur
can someone please tell me thanks
and please be clear about it
Im a bit blurry myself
errr.. same as you post a photo anywhere i guess:

go to your photo's page. above it it has something like All Sizes. click that. most of the ones on here are posted in medium, so click medium. scroll down a bit and there's a bunch of html in a box. NOT the link, further down than that (it tells you, it's pretty easy). copy that, past it into a Reply to this topic box and voila! photo is up.
Photogrammaton PRO 13 years ago
I think red betty black's answer applies to posting an image in a discussion. Adding a photo to a group is different. In your photostream, click on the photo, so you go to a page that displays only that picture. There's a row of things just above the image: Add Note, Send to Group, etc. Click on Send to Group. That'll bring up a page with a little pull-down menu listing all the groups you belong to. Choose the Blurvision group, then click the "Add Photo" button.

There's another tool you can use, called the Organizer, but it's harder to describe.
zenera 13 years ago
Thank you both for describng how to post photos! It will be usefull for everyone:)

So glad that you are all participating in blurvision!
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