samgrover PRO 6:28am, 1 April 2005
Sometimes I carry my small digital camera in one hand, ready to click. I just click it whenever I feel I'm passing something that may be interesting. I don't compose the shot or look at what's being clicked or even raise my hand. I just continue the regular walking motion, sometimes slightly adjusting the direction I'm pointing to.

I like the circular motion blur that occurs because of this action. Here are a couple of photos taken like this that I posted on the group pool earlier.

On the phone

Time to get going

I guess others have tried similar stuff. Is there some 'technique' that you like which produced nice blurry shots?
Embra PRO 13 years ago
I love taking shots from the front or side of a moving vehicle at night. You can get great effects that way.

If someone can let me know how I post photos, I'll stick a few in here.

I also love taking long-exposure shots in pubs and bars, with the camera totally still. You get lovely crisp clean pint glasses, with mad blurs of people around them. It seems appropriate, somehow :-)
Emmaline 13 years ago
there are a couple of kids i know that i love to take photos of, and since i can never get them to sit still, i get a lot of blurry photos of them : )
i'm going to post the latest ones next week sometime, and i'll add a couple to the group pool.
zen PRO 13 years ago
i do the same Emmaline with the dogs at the dog park. Always running and jumping and flipping, it's easiest to work WITH the idea of blur (and its good practice for when you want to use it deliberately).
aqui-ali PRO 13 years ago
picassa has a great blur tool to heighten the effect...
fjordaan PRO 13 years ago
Embra -- When you go to the photo you want to include, and click on "All sizes" above the photo, then select the (smaller) size you want, the second form on the page includes a line of HTML that you can include in your comment, in order for the picture (and link to it) to appear.
eshu 13 years ago
The best way I've found to blur is to keep my flash off, whether there is light enough or not... it typically heeds interesting stuff.

Also sometimes I find that if I'm in an area with an overabundance of light if I move my camera at the very last minute I'll get some cool effects (affects?).

Aqui-ali... I use Picasa quite a lot, where is the blur tool?
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