zenera 9:43pm, 29 January 2005
What are your most memorable blurry moments? An important moment lost to blur, or a wonderfully blurry picture that appeared accidentally! Or do you seek to blur?

Pink mist

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zenera 13 years ago
In my picture above the setting sun had made the pond pink, I was rushing to catch it and the goosies, the effect is magic!
gaudy bike [deleted] 13 years ago
It is like a dream sequence; very pretty.
like zenera, i have an accident that i am very fond of:
Streetcar named Coca-Cola (I)

i was on my way to the train station when i saw this (very modern) streetcar. i pulled out my camera and took the photo, only to discover that the shutter speed dial had been turned to 1/15 or something--not great for even slowly moving targets. still, i love this pic--the blur makes it seem so much more modern and "nonstop" (as the coke ad says).
zenera 13 years ago
Thanks Charlotte, I'm also a Charlotte;)

Very nice drlynch, it looks alive, breathing...
when I shoot, I usually have to choose between using a flash that sucks the life out of a scene, or accepting the blur. I choose to accept the blur, and it usually works.
I've tried to get a blur, but my camera will not be controlled, so the accidents are the only shots that work.
I was so enchanted with this scene that I wanted to bring it home with me and held my hand as steady as I could - but it was blurred of course. I almost threw it away and then realized it was perfect. I worked on the crescent moon in photoshop so it wouldn't be a "double vision" christmas moon
Sparrows' Friend PRO 13 years ago
We were at a family wedding. My son is a child-magnet, and Matilda just wanted to play all afternoon. Trouble is, he never can say 'Stop!' - she wore him out.

Upside down
zenera 13 years ago
Oh! super, makes me feel dizzy!

redrose, it is like a fairytale!
dull trousers [deleted] 13 years ago
hey there,

an accident i like ...

Vue de chien !

was just trying to get a sharp shot of that dog but the light was not really good and everything went too fast. but i wouldn't have liked it if it was not blurry i guess.
zenera 13 years ago
Ha! even better like this, it really draws you along with it!
Thanks for the invite zenera.

A Bowl Of Stormy Sky

I was taking some photos of this glass bowl. I put it on the piano bench in front of the window. I was seeing what I could do with the light from the window shining through it. I added some water to the bowl to see what that did. Then I filled it with water. When I pushed the release button it focused on the reflection instead of the bowl.

So my blurry bowl made for a clear cloudy sky.
zenera 13 years ago
Wow, what a happy result, it's really special!
eshu 13 years ago
Two accidents that I love:
Light Show

This top one was at a gig my boyfriend had and the bottom one is in Portland, ME at Christmastime. They do some great things with Christmas lights, there's a green patch in the center of Portland that hosts these cool displays. I guess this is how my camera saw it this particular night!

Christmas Lights
7-how-7 PRO 13 years ago
sometimes i blur on purpose, but i usually like the happy accidents much more:


i was taking a long exposure in an installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and my friend Angela moved forward while the shutter was still open...
eshu 13 years ago
Oooh 7 that's wonderful!
zenera 13 years ago
Oh really fantastic, thank you all for posting your stories here!
Thanks for the invite Zenera, this seems like a cool group....

Mock 047

This was one of my first experiments with long exposure, i would say its about as blured as you can get.
Embra PRO 13 years ago
Hey Flustered_Monkey, I have almost the same shot!!

London Underground

Mine was taken on the London Underground though.
grey group [deleted] 13 years ago
Is This Thing On?

glad to find this group, just wanted to say hello. this is my blurry story... work and deadlines make you forget things. but accidents can some times be interesting.
jchen88 13 years ago

going down the street at around 9 pm and just decided to take a pic of my speedometer. its not fast but it's scary trying to see what im taking and driving at the same time :P
cobalt123 PRO 13 years ago
I finally have something to post in this group, so I joined it today. I was hoping that a person with limited expertise and a point and shoot beginner camera could be a member. Here is one of many many failed attempts last night to capture an amazing pianist in concert:

REALLY getting into his music
my blurriness tends to be because i am trying to get motion shots with drag on them, like this one:

boxers or this one
kicking pigeons!

but then sometimes i just do long exposures and circle my camera like a nutter to get stuff like this:
Bath Cathedral
jchen88 13 years ago
colbat 123..dont worry not everybody in this group is pro with an expensive camera haha im working with 2.1 megapixels...
yeah, i'm also just on 2.1 megapixels. dammit. need to get rich!
Liganga 13 years ago

african wild dog's pups hunted a spotted thicknee... just for fun and start palyng with the poor bird... it was the end of the day so the light was going... i was very excited... the dogs are very rare... so i didn't notice that my camera turned into fully manual with a long exposure.. tha dog start shaking the bird.. and here is the result... i picture i love .. a mistake i love
zenera 13 years ago
2.1 here too:) anything is possible

really fun inventive shots above, thanks! lucky to have caught this, the gruesome realities of survival
Liganga 13 years ago

it was nice to see all the weavers nesting.... but was impossible to take a pic.. that's my best.. onother nice mistake..


this was half a mistake, I was tryng to give the idea of the movement.. the poor beetle was working hard... but was overpowered by the big ball, he really lost control, poor guy.. lot of work for nothing...
Daveblog 13 years ago
I spent all night with this band trying to get a shot that WASN'T blurry. No luck. Had to catch them at a venue with better lighting. (or I could have asked them not to jump around so much) haha

Cedric Bramble 13 years ago
In this picture, was trying to get a shot of the cool t-shirt the person was wearing. The light by the counter was fairly low, so the exposure took a little long, plus, well, she was moving. Just a little blur, which preserves the energy and movement of the moment...

peace love noodles
I was visiting India for the first time; it was my last day there. In a cramped auto-rickshaw on a busy street my father turned to me and said, 'there's something you have to see before you go'. We stopped on a busy road and jumped out of the rickshaw and dived through an archway in a row of neon-lit shops. The noise of the traffic all but vanished; we were in the grounds of a small mosque. 'This is your family mosque' my father said. 'Your grandfather and grandmother are buried here, somewhere'. It was pitch black. My father asked the rickshaw driver to buy us some candles to light our way; it took us twenty minutes to find the burial place.
While we were looking, I took this rather poor photo. Afterwards, I was disappointed. Now, I treasure this as a record of a very special moment.

20-watt-bulb 13 years ago
Hello all! I've been working on a 'blurry' project for 6 months or so. I'm shooting everything 'from the hip' without looking through the finder with shutter at 1/4 or 1/3 sec. The theme is commuting into work as I go thru some great spaces at a major interchange station in London, UK. It's a bit hit and miss [more miss than hit :-) ] but occasionally I get a frame with some great blur and deep colours. I've only just found flickr and am so pleased there's a 'blurvision' group. Long live the unplaned snap!

Inbound - Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper - Victoria Station
boncey PRO 13 years ago
Some great photos here, shooting from the hip can be such fun.

I got quite lucky with this one.
I heard some children running from above but didn't have time to raise the camera or compose or anything. I shot from the hip and was very happy with the result.
Their colourful tops were a real bonus.
Children running down Rundetaarn
Thanks for inviting me, zenera!

This photo wasn’t an entire accident, because I purposely left the shutter open and moved the camera in a distinct pattern to utilize the very limited light in the club, but I love how it turned out all the same. It is definitely better than I anticipated, especially considering it was my first attempt at utilizing blur.

This blurry shot was also intentional, and I did use a tripod to ensure that the stationary portion of the sign remained still and only captured the blurry motion of the spinning sputnik.

The funny thing about blurry shots is that I used to automatically discard any blurry shots. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realized their value!
markcbrennan 13 years ago
Due to a long exposure time and a rather unsteady hand, all of my pictures of fireworks last night turned out to be pretty blurry. Though they're accidental, I think they're pretty neat. I've got the set here:

and here's one of my favorites!

equable produce [deleted]
I have only started taking pictures recently, so obviously I have more accidental blur than not.

But I keep finding there are moments I would not want to see things to clearly and only with available light. Like yesterday, when I felt more than fragile and lost, and happened to come across one of my shells. It fit so snugly into my palm that I felt protective and happy and I took it out to look at it more closely through the cam. And I think I could not have captured the moment better with a sharper picture. So this is one of my few intended blurs. There will be more, I am sure.

accidental blur, but i messed with it and colored it wierd, and now i love it.

as i was driving home from my sister's wedding reception i realized i was getting sick. (no big surprise: the bride had an ear infection and bronchitis, i hardly left her side all week and it was one heck of a week... almost had a nervous breakdown.) anyways, the next week i gave up and went to the doctor. i had an ear infection. later i found out that another bridesmaid got the same thing. we don't know about the third bridesmaid.

to make a long story longer, this is the pharmacy bag. gotta love z-pac.
begutierrez 13 years ago
I was on my way home and I saw this tree by the road, I took the picture while driving (don't try this) and I love how it looks, it's almost like it's wet. It had rained that day.

See the picture here.
Jon Kneller PRO 13 years ago
Chasing the camera

This was taken on the edge of the sand dunes in the Moroccan sahara. Kids from the local village were playing around us, and we were joining in, flicking sand and messing around, having a blast despite the total language barrier (I don't even speak french, let alone Moroccan arabic).

I stepped back for a moment to take a photo of the kids playing against the sunset (here):

Children of the Sahara

...and then they spotted me, and came down chasing me and the camera - with such energy! It was a really fun moment, and that picture captured the grins on the kids' faces brilliantly.

My friend and I are massive fans of a band called Alexisonfire, so the last time they came to our town, we waited around their tourbus because we wanted to meet them. Luckily, they were playing at our university so we had another reason to be waiting around anyway. It came to about lunch time and they still hadn't come out so we decided to go to the Student bar and get some food. We were sitting around eating, when one member of the band (Wade MacNeil, the guitarist) walks into the Student Union shop. So we decide to follow him and corner him! He was the first band member we met that day so we were very excited. We could barely get any words out at all! In fact, we were so excited, our hands were shaking, which is why this picture is so blurred. My friend took this one, and I took one of him and her. All the other photos we got with other band members are perfect because by then, we had calmed down. I like this picture just cos it reminds me of how foolish we may have appeared to him! Oh and just to clarify, we are both 20 year old university students...not 14 years olds! lol :-P
FatMandy Posted 13 years ago. Edited by FatMandy (member) 13 years ago
Taff Morgins

Taken by a friend of mine on the last day of the holiday, I really had to psych myself up for this little leap. From a 7ft lip to a landing about 20ft away it was probably the biggest I'd ever done.
The adreneline was still rushing later that afternoon when I went even bigger!
I don't know why, but I quite like the background is in focus but the rider isn't. Normally I'd want the opposite!
annaland 13 years ago
How timely to find this group and this topic. I've been thinking a lot lately about how my early near-blindness affected how I see now and how I take photos. I wrote this just yesterday:

Dog heaven

Until I was ten I couldn't see any detail in an object until it was about three to six inches in front of my face, and if I was close enough to see the details then I was too close to see the form or the boundaries of what I was looking at. My surroundings were a soft and blurry collection of vague forms and colors. When I left the optometrist with my first pair of glasses I saw that trees had leaves, and grass had blades, and anyone could see great swaths of detail wherever they looked. It was a tremendous shock.

I'm left with a tendency to miss things that aren't in my direct line of sight. All I really look at is details; I'm not good with the big picture. I often don't know what's going on a few feet away from me.

When I take a photograph I often cripple my camera to see things the way I did when I was ten. I love a shallow depth of field: all that comforting blurriness. I put my camera very close to the thing I'm photographing, and I show more color than form. I've never been good with black and white photography because I don't seem to have a feel for dimensionality. There's no illusion in my drawings either: I used to draw apples over and over again trying to get them to look solid and holdable. Never could.
the phototherapist 13 years ago
Religion hunts in packs

I took this on a weekend trip to Sydney for a friend's 30th birthday. We spent the day on her rooftop drinking in the sun and by nightfall, the football fans had come out and celebrations were well underway after the AFL grand final, which the Sydney team had won. Admittedly I had had far too much to drink, and so wasn't really in a fit state to be attempting photos. I was pleased with this one though when I got home. The blur kind of tells it how it was - a warm Sydney night full of colour and sound and beer and lights.
prusakolep 13 years ago
The Flaming Lips

I went to a show by the Flaming Lips two years ago where some of the audience members were onstage dancing, dressed up as animals. I think the blurryness works well with the silly costumes.
Brenda M 13 years ago
I went to a lightshow in Ottawa and I had my camera, I took a lot of pictures and in the little screen of the camera they looked fine but when I opened them at my computer I noticed most of them were blurry, but some looked better with the blurry effect, so I didn't erase them, I will paste some more next month.
Parliament Hill Light Show
Sam Judson PRO 13 years ago
elbisreverri 13 years ago
Great thread, love reading these stories.

Aerobics at dusk

I was out one night in Bangkok, the sun had just set, and I ran into one of those "open air aerobics classes" that are so popular in Asia. It was a fairly small park, but there were lots and lots of people, all doing the same moves, it was fantastic to watch. I contemplated participating, but I felt a little too self-conscious ("look at the silly white guy making an ass of himself" :). The blur was an unintentional effect, but I actually rather like it.
nicG 13 years ago
Martin playing pool

This was taken on my last night in Cusco, Peru, where I studied abroad last semester. Instead of going to bed like the other students (we had an early flight), two of my friends and I decided to hit the local bars one last time. We finally ended up at Norton Rat's, an American owned biker bar, where they played pool and I sipped on a white russian. I had been having some difficulty with my photos that night re:the lighting (hadn't yet discovered the manual function on my digital), always ending up with blurry or incredibly stark (flash) photos. after awhile, i decided to embrace the blurry. this is one of my favorite photos from those 4 months.
maycos60 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by maycos60 (member) 13 years ago
The camera was accidentally tunrned to portrait mode and my hand was shaky when I wanted to take this picture , hence resulting in a blurry image. Please comment which photo looks better, the clear image or the blur one ?
'holier' than thou
elbisreverri 13 years ago
maycos60, the blurry one, as far as i'm concerned, makes for a much more interesting, abstract picture. i like it, a lot. the non-blurry version is kinda boring, really.
greentea flute 12 years ago
I do actually like both of the images above, the sharp one is very architectural, though the blury one is "anything goes!" because we will never know from the burry image what it really is, as if we ever know anything about what really is.....
jchen88 12 years ago

okay so i went on a trip with my school to yosemite and chose to spend 3 days out in the backcountry. This is wintertime so it was freezzinngg! and by the time it was so dark like in the shot i was i tried not to use flash because i have the finepix f10 and i thought i could handle it with iso 1600, but apparently not. this was a centerpiece on top of our snow table. it was COOLLLD!
mel-pin Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mel-pin (member) 12 years ago

We were walking,singing old valencian songs.I raised the camera to shoot the troubadour.All of a sudden.
He laughed.Me,too.
Then,we went to eat churrros with chocolate.End of the story.
Reinhilde PRO 12 years ago
I've got loads of blurry ones - and normally I'm really annoyed they didn't come out properly - but now, accidently finding this group, I realise it's ok to be blurry sometimes :)
(although I still would like this one to be properly focused though - blame flash)
Dressing up in the Bethnal Green Toy Museum
bweisner PRO 12 years ago
So there I am at the lotus lantern festival, when the cool purple dragon comes along. That isn't the only thing though. There are actually two of them. What's more, they breathe fire. All night long I had been taking pics with the shutter speed slowed a bit. This is not due to some cool artistic streak in me. It is because I wasn't really familiar with my camera. Not like I am now. Now, I know which side is the front of the camera.
Dragons and Fire
bweisner PRO 12 years ago
The subject of this picture is actually the girl in the middle. She makes my whole world go around. I had talked her into joining a corn eating contest. I think she got 6 ears of corn down before time was up. I downed 0 ears of corn, since I backed out and took pictures of her in the middle of the corn eating contest.
This Is So Corny
bweisner PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by bweisner (member) 12 years ago
This is what the T-Mobile Sidekick Color will get you in low light. Pretty rockin', huh? The people are swing dancing in case you couldn't make out from the crisp detail of the photos.
More Plenty
zenera 12 years ago
What a fabulous blurry collection, thanks so much everyone for posting your stories!!!
Bolivia por siempre 12 years ago
Was taking some shots of my cat Tiggy and although this was the only blurry one, it was definately the best of the bunch.

Tiggy Blur
wilmag75 12 years ago
Just taken a few 'rotationblur' photos with my camera phone. The style makes an otherwise one dimensional picture a little more interesting, especially when you get your subject slap bang in the middle of your rotation.

I was participating in this "Photocamp" thing for a newspaper. We were doing photojournalism stuff and as we were going up the elevator in a hotel to take pictures of San Fransisco from 39 stories up, I took a picture of one of the people in the program. The cameras we were given were advanced compacts (I am not a fan of compacts) so a lot of the pictures we took weren't the sharpest.
Toulousain 12 years ago
Initiation à la Lutte Contre la grande Ombre

I'm french (sorry fot my poor english),

I often make shoot with long pauses (B) because i hate flash and i want to Take the existing light. In this case it was a fireworks (celebrating a birthday)
Elisa Bett 12 years ago
I hate flashlight, too. ... and I like to play with my camera. I often take pics by shaking the camera. this one is taken in a beech grove enjoying the light there:

Früher war mehr Lametta ...
Voxphoto PRO 12 years ago
Childhood photo and story of my blurry dad...

My Dad (1915-1988)
pbeens Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pbeens (member) 11 years ago

I was taking a second look at another photo I had posted and saw this interesting view buried in it. A tight crop and a little darkening...and here's the result!
zenera 11 years ago
Thank you for showing us all these exceptional pictures, I'm so happy that you are experimenting with the wonders of blurvision!!

Happy Holidays my friends, keep blurring!!!!
redxdress 11 years ago
Blurring can be fun, like with fireworks, other lights at night, or action shots. Sometimes I do it on purpose, other times not...

I was playing around in here. The painting on the wall was blurry to begin with, but I set up the shot and told my friend to take pictures of me running around. They came out just as I wanted!
speed 5

On the other hand, I was initially disappointed when I had my film developed (in the pre-digital days) and this shot came out blurry. However, over the years I've grown rather fond of it. I think tht ultimately, the blurriness adds some kind of special ambience to the scene. It was drizzling most of the time on that trip, too:
montmartre blur
Flamingos 2

Red and blue flamingos shot from the car. I knew it would blur; not sure it works.
Michael Haslam 11 years ago
Whilst trying out my camera in low-light conditions, I took this picture without resting my camera on a flat surface or on a tripod. The result was this blurred picture of which I am quite proud.

Painting Love with Light

Admittedly, it is a 'happy accident'. The picture appeared to be more like a painting than a photograph and the blurriness just seem to add to the romantic mood of the shot.

And it soon became my most-viewed pic too, within days of being posted to Flickr.
greentea flute 11 years ago
Yay!!! Blurriness!!!

Thanks for these masterpeices ;)))
greentea flute 11 years ago
stormy day 2

the above was made accidently, like many blurries, because the lens got humidity on it, e.g., while travelling in a heated car during a foggy rainy day, the car became quite humid, and the camera lens became steamed up .....
capriana 11 years ago
coming away

I love when the electriciy goes out and there's time for flashlight photography!
clarisel 11 years ago
maycos60 -- I like the blurry one better. It is more interesting.
Cambodia Stung Mean Chey

I was just taking a picture of a girl in Cambodia when a moto went by.
I didn't think much of the photo at first but the more I look at it the better
I like it. It was just luck that everything got framed together. What do
you think?
remittancegirl PRO 11 years ago
Goodbye, then

Some bullshit argument, then he was off.
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