wnyc 1:52pm, 10 July 2008
Today we're launching our collaboration with the folks at Slideluck Potshow, a project we're calling "Change for the Better, Change for the Worse." We want you to submit your photos of the change around you. And we're not talking about Barack Obama or the change in your pocket, but the change in your neighborhood, family or city. Maybe a new bike lane? Or construction? Capture the change you see and submit it to our pool!

Submit the pictures (5 at the most) to the Brian Lehrer Photo Pool, make sure to add the tag "blshow_change" - we'll give you a week! And make sure you describe the story behind your picture when you submit it. Next Thursday, we'll have some of the entrants on the show, and then we'll take 15-20 of the submissions and put together a presentation that will screen at the Slideluck Potshow in August at McCarren Pool!

Can't wait to see your pictures!
-BL Show-
Stephen Kosloff 10 years ago
Can the photo be from a few years back or does it have to be taken recently?
wnyc 10 years ago
Hi Herman Melville! (We love your books, by the way....) Ideally we'd like you to make new pictures. After all, the change that changed back then might have changed again! However, if you have a shot that you are dying to dust off and share, by all means do.

So bottom line: Go out and take new pictures! (But we're not going to turn away one or two old ones.)
Lola Galla PRO 10 years ago
question-if i have already submitted 5 photos to this group for your "grub" i have to delete them in order to submit for the new "change" contest?
wnyc 10 years ago
Hey Ralolaoyster -
I just changed the administrator settings - you can now upload five pictures per week, so you should be all set to submit your "change" photos - remember to tag them blshow_change. We'll take submissions through Weds, talk to some folks on the show Thursday, and put together the Slideluck Potshow presentation over the next couple of weeks.

We'll also introduce next week's photo challenge this Thursday at 10:30, so stay tuned!
BL Show
ckasterine 10 years ago
I don't get it how do I see the photos?
wnyc 10 years ago
Just click on the link to the photo pool up above - here it is:

Happy viewing!
-BL Show-
playwithclay 10 years ago
Hi there, I joined yesterday and uploaded 4 shots, and tagged them like you said. But today when I view the group pool, my shots aren't on there! When I log in to flikr it says i submitted them, so i'm confused.
Trish Mayo PRO 10 years ago
Crayfray, they are in the pool - look beyond the first page. I see them on page 2 as of right now but they could be on page 3 or 4 etc as new photos are added to the group the older ones move back to another page.
David A. Goldfarb 10 years ago
crayfray's are in the pool, but like mine and many others in the pool with the "blshow_change" tag, they don't show up on the page of all the tagged images. The tag is correct, because you can click on the globe icon next to the tag from one of the photos that doesn't appear on the page to get to the page with all the photos with the "blshow_change" tag, but the tagged photo itself isn't there.

So there are a lot of photos in the pool with the "blshow_change" tag that don't appear on the blshowchange page.
wnyc 10 years ago
So there are actually two steps here - one is to tag the photo with blshow_change, which most have done, and the other is to actually add it to the Brian Lehrer Show group, which you can do by going here:

and clicking on "add photos or video" which is next to the Group Pool heading...

That should do it!

Thanks again for all your great photos,
-BL Show-
David A. Goldfarb 10 years ago
Thanks, but that doesn't seem to be doing it. I added the tag first, then I realized I needed to add it to the pool, and my images are in the pool with the tag, but not on the page of images with the tag. I'm guessing it's a flickr problem.
jillybooth 10 years ago
So, will people be notified if their submissions were accepted for the project. Wonderful idea, btw.
carvecream 10 years ago
david a. goldfarb:
i think i had the same problems with not being able to view images. i fixed it by batch editing the images, go to the permissions link, click hide/show in public searches. the tick box may or may not be empty. doesn't matter, just make sure it's not ticked then click change.
this will make sure the images are viewable by everyone.

it's a flickr bug, as i know i had my upload setting at "show in public searches" set to on, yet they were still set incorrectly when i tried finding them later.
p0ps Harlow PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for picking mine, look forward to phoning in to Monday's show.
David A. Goldfarb 10 years ago
Thanks, carvecream! That did it.
Ashley Denise 10 years ago
I just found out about this project. It sounds interesting and I would love to submit some photos but is it over already? Will there be another other shows in the future?
Clove Spice 9 years ago
Under development, Washington Square Park, NYC by Clove Spice
Clove Spice 9 years ago
Speaks for itself by Clove Spice
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