tshore 11:40am, 14 March 2008
This May, blogTO is sponsoring Contacting Toronto, a new photography exhibition that will be featured on over 180 TTC screens.

The organizers of the exhibition are accepting submissions until April 18th. Read more information about the exhibit and learn how to submit your photos here:

Hopefully blogTO Flickr pool members will be well represented in the exhibit!
p~d Posted 11 years ago. Edited by p~d (member) 11 years ago
No larger than 5mb's. Strange that they're not specific regarding what the minimum size should be required when submitting.
sniderscion Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sniderscion (member) 11 years ago
That's great! I'm getting bored of seeing those station shots over and over again.
fantastical shade [deleted] 11 years ago
denmar 11 years ago
I got a May 6th date.
versed question [deleted] 11 years ago
Am I too late to submit a photo now?
sniderscion 11 years ago
If you follow the link above to the Contacting Toronto page it says (in part):

"Thank-you to everyone who submitted to Contacting Toronto this year! We were very pleased to have received over 120 submissions, 62 of which have been selected by curator Sharon Switzer for the exhibition."
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