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  • STICKY  What's your fave color?

    Let me know or you get whatever pretty colors I choose! ;)

    feigned songs96 months ago2 replies

  • Quilt tops or quilts done?

    I had several other quilts to get finished before Christmas 2011. Since they are...

    feigned songs92 months ago0 replies

  • Jennifer's Blocks

    Hello everyone, I am going on holiday for two weeks from tomorrow, so I am send...

    tattie2894 months ago7 replies

  • Mandantory check-in - end of swap details!

    Hi girls, This is just remind you that the end of our swap is coming up! OCTO...

    feigned songs95 months ago3 replies

  • YOU inspire others!!!! :)

    Hey Stitching Friends, I hope the word "mandatory" didn't intimidate you (especi...

    feigned songs95 months ago0 replies

  • Jens blocks

    Hi Jen, I have your blocks finished and going in the mail tomorrow :) They were...

    Heather Chaulk95 months ago2 replies

  • Patricia's blocks

    Hi Patricia, Your blocks are going in the mail tomorrow. I enjoyed making them,...

    Heather Chaulk95 months ago2 replies

  • Carrie's Blocks

    Hey everyone! Because I am leaving soon for vacation, I got my packages maile...

    cricketsstudio96 months ago14 replies

  • Checking in!

    Just a backup of the email I sent: Hello Summertime Strangers! It feels li...

    feigned songs96 months ago4 replies

  • Teri's Blocks

    Hello Ladies, Just a note to let you know that your packets for my block are in...

    feigned songs97 months ago12 replies

  • Jenny's blocks

    I received my packet for blocks from Jenny today. Be looking for yours!

    feigned songs97 months ago6 replies

  • Anita's Blocks

    Hi everyone! I rec'd Anita's fabrics today - looks like a very fun block pattern...

    cricketsstudio97 months ago6 replies

  • Navy Rev's blocks

    I have braved another round with Canada Post and sent out the blocks today. Hop...

    NavyRev98 months ago19 replies

  • What to do ~ mail to Canada

    Hi all! Anticipating the slow mail to Canada, this weekend I tried to send my...

    cricketsstudio98 months ago4 replies

  • Heather's blocks

    Hi Heather - your blocks are done and will be on their way to you shortly! FYI, ...

    cricketsstudio99 months ago7 replies

  • Mailing Quilts (or probably quilt blocks too)

    Saw this on the Quilts for Japan site, but it probably holds true for ALL quilts...

    feigned songs100 months ago1 replies

  • Are you ready?

    Hello all! It's the 3rd of April and we need to get going if we are goinna st...

    feigned songs100 months ago4 replies

  • Contact List?

    Hi Teri - will you be emailing us a contact list so we have each other's snail m...

    cricketsstudio100 months ago3 replies

  • Link to Heather's Block

    Here is the link at Quilter's Cache for Heather's blocks:

    feigned songs101 months ago1 replies

  • Is it too late?

    I just joined. Is it too late to be apart of this group?

    cpkdeidra101 months ago1 replies

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