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Alexandre D_ ADMIN January 13, 2018
Award code HERE

This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

Did you get AFFECTED?

Follow the link to copy the award code, please award 2 other images.

No more CGI or Second Life image

No children, pornography, or dead animals. Everyone likes comments.

This group is against the limit

Award and invite code, copy between the lines :

Seen in :
<a href="" title="Photo
Sharing"><img src=""
width="80" height="80" alt="blink_again" /></a>


Check out the winners of our latest challenge

1.Mobile Lynn
Look no hands! D61_8411.jpg

2.Spangles44 (tie)
Horses Playing

2. Julieta Portel (tie)
Loops & Moon 🌓

White Pocket

Lost on thin ice 5

Sublime Sedona...Along Schnebly Hill Road

All posts that go to our pool will be reviewed by our staff. Dont forget veryone has their own taste and we have 2 admins and 4 mods all with opposing tastes. No videos please.
If you join the group, post an image, then leave the group, your ID will be noted and your image will be removed.

RULE: Show your appreciation to the group by finding 2 photos in the first 2 pages that you think deserve another blink again award and simply copy and paste the award code in it's comment box running sweeper program now you will be reminded and/or removed if you post without leaving comments, of course if you have already commented, then just ignore this reminder - enjoy


The first thing you need to do is click where it says "Join this Group?"

Now you are part of the group.

Then press your "Home" button, then "Your Photos".
Go to the photo that you received the invite (square box) on, and click the picture.

At the top of the picture there is a toolbar that has a button called
"Send to group". Click on it, and up comes a list of all the groups that you have entered. Simply click on Blink Again. It will add the photo automatically to the group.

Now go back to and see it there.

PLEASE NOTE: 1 PHOTO PER DAY will be accepted into the pool


- Anyone BLOCKING any admin or moderator will be banned from the group. Our staff must be able to post winning photos to the front page and be able to have control over those who do not follow rules in order to keep this group in good running order.

- NO VIDEOS, sorry, this is a photographers group.
- No advertising

General guidelines

Please post only your very best images - we are looking for really interesting images - ones that make you BLINK AGAIN - that was INTERESTING! We also have to be able to see clearly what you have captured.

Absolutely or porno, nudity of any kind, or anything objectionable.

No dead people or animals or dead bugs

No CGI or Second life image

Pictures of children are on the whole will not be accepted into the group. However, it is at the admin or moderators discretion whether to accept an image of a child or not. It has to be something unusual.

- No swearing please, this is a family group

- All photos must be ORIGINAL PHOTOS taken by you, the photographer!

- Only pictures that have been approved by blink again staff will appear in the group pool. In general at some point an invite will be added to your image.

- NO REPOSTING of photos. Be fair to the other members by giving them a chance too

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Group Rules

No CGI or Second Life image

No children, pornography, or dead animals.

Don't forget to award 2 when you post, it's always nice to receive awards/comments :)

And have fun !

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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