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Group Description

Dedicated to the beauty that is black and white.

(Last updated 2006-08-02.)

Due to the large amount of members in this group, please refrain from spamming or trolling or seeking attention. Keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of people in this group. Before you do something, consider what the group would be like if everyone did the same thing you're about to do.

The topic of this group is Black and White Photography. If the subject of your post isn't Black and White Photography, then you should choose another group for it.

Though you may have good intentions with your posts here, the forum will be out of control if you do not cooperate. Thanks so much.

If you do post a new topic, use a sensible subject. The subject must be a few words that describe the contents of the post. It isn't an apology, or the first words of the post, or the word "question". Treat it like the title of a book. (This is a good idea for email as well.) If your subject doesn't tell us what the post is about, then the whole thing is more likely to be deleted than fixed for you.

Please add your favorite black and white photos to the pool. (Tinted photos are fine (id est, sepia), but "cut-outs" and half-saturations are not.)

There are so many photos in the pool that you might wish to use GustavoG's Randomizer to get a selection that isn't so dependent on upload freshness.

Useful topics:

- Requests for reviews. Critique others' photos, or post in this topic to ask for feedback. Don't start a new topic!

- Group announcements. Use this instead of starting a new topic that isn't about B&W.

- Digital Black and White. 'No film, no "film is better". Black and White photography from a purely digital starting point.'

- Diafine developer group

- Rodinal developer group

- Plus X film group

Additional Info

  • Members can post 25 things to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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