Elephant-Knight 10:43pm, 23 April 2015
It's back!

It's Black!

It's the Colour it Blacktron Contest IV!

-Build a Blacktron creation. (1, 2, or even 3)
-No clone brands
-Build more Blacktron creations (1, 2, or even 3)
-LDD entries allowed
-Keep building Blacktron MOCs (Castle, space, Bionicle, as long as it's Blacktron, it's fine)
-No size restrictions
-Why aren't you building yet?
-Contest closes June 30 sometime eveningish.

Prizes will be announced shortly. Entries can be submitted in this topic.
Any limit on entries per contestant? I've got three to start with...
Elephant-Knight 3 years ago
Nope, no limit!
A Vuylsteke 3 years ago
Blacktron 3 Strix Patrol Ship.
Blacktron 3 Strix Patrol Ship
Elephant-Knight 3 years ago

1st place:
Blacktron 2 set Sub Orbital Guardian
1 Blacktron 1 Minifig
1 Blacktron Collectable fig from Series 3
1 Brickforge Blacktron suit thing

2nd place:
Twin Pilot craft (No instructions)
1 Blacktron 1 Minifig

Prizes are a bit small this year, but money has been tight for a while. Also, I am extending the contest deadline til June 30th.

I really need to learn how to advertise better.........
Commander Beltar 3 years ago
Can we enter old builds?
Commander Beltar 3 years ago
Scratch that, Improved version: Can we enter modified old builds, and also, does the contest end in June (like the blog says) or is it still May?
Elephant-Knight 3 years ago
It now ends End of June.

Modified old builds are acceptable.
Brixnspace 3 years ago
Cool! I didn't see this as of yet. Will join the party and see if I can come up with something cool before the end of the month.
Brixnspace 3 years ago
My entry: Blacktron 1 Spider drone :)
Blacktron 1 - Spider drone by Brixnspace
Commander Beltar 3 years ago
Finished my entry!:
The Blacktron 1 Intimidator
Full Album of Photos:
Purple-Wolf 3 years ago
My entry the "Fleebnork Extermination Mech"!
Magma.Xenoliths 3 years ago
I've never entered any Lego contest before, but CS and its subthemes are my favourite theme - and I have a particular fondness for Blacktron. So here is my Blacktron 1 "Persecutor" Armoured Mech Suit.

Blacktron 1 by Magma.Xenoliths

Album of photos:

Inspired by the 76031 HulkBuster Smash set.
pasukaru76 PRO 3 years ago
Behold the Tri-Force!

NBT Interloper by pasukaru76
BricksandBoosters 3 years ago
My Entries
The Piranha Fighter
Piranha Fighter 1 by BricksandBoosters

Scorpion Anti-Orbital Artillery
Scorpion Anti-Orbital Artillery by BricksandBoosters
Elephant-Knight 3 years ago
And contest is now closed. Judging will begin soon, and probably won't be long since the amount of entries.
Elephant-Knight 3 years ago
Winners have been announced! go to the blog to check em out!
Brixnspace 3 years ago
Congratulations to the winners, job well done.
pasukaru76 PRO 3 years ago
Yep, congrats to the winners!
Purple-Wolf 3 years ago
Wow that's a surprise. Thanks again for running the contest. Everyone had great entries this year!
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