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  • Is your pug a fussy eater?

    I was wondering how many of you have a black pug that is a fussy eater. Do you f...

    littleg6814 months ago0 replies

  • Where's your White Spot?

    I've noticed that most black pugs have a white spot somewhere on there body. My ...

    shasta macnastie14 months ago12 replies

  • Where did you get your pug?

    I have been looking for a black pug for months. I don't have a ton of money to s...

    mynameisrica14 months ago1 replies

  • How much does your pug weigh?

    Our Brasco (a.k.a. Mister B) weighed in at the vet at 24 lbs. and they said tha...

    [ j a m i e ]14 months ago21 replies

  • Did your black pug come from a black and fawn family?

    My puppy came from a fawn mother and a black dad... some have said this isn't a ...

    Killah K20 months ago15 replies

  • recommend any breeders in the midwest??

    hi everyone! we're looking to add a female black pug to our family. we live ...

    mclickles45 months ago0 replies

  • Add photo?

    How do I add photos here?

    Jessica Walsh56 months ago2 replies

  • How often to people think your black pug is not a pug?

    Anytime I take Eegor for a walk people come up to me and ask me what he is. I te...

    sonya ina56 months ago7 replies

  • Pug meetup

    Come join us at Pug Meetup! It's fun, kinda like a social club for Pugs. 1st. ...

    loves_a_quarter_horse59 months ago0 replies

  • Pug Rescue Centres

    Does anyone know how long it takes to adopt a pug from a rescue organisation in ...

    Something Fine60 months ago1 replies

  • Grieving for my Black Pug

    I just wanted to share my grief with other black pug lovers as it brings me comf...

    Something Fine61 months ago2 replies

  • pug eyes

    is it abnormal for the white of a pug's eyes to be a sort off off white? i read ...

    le fabuleux vicky68 months ago6 replies

  • Black Pug Dog Sitters

    I need one over Christmas, desperately....Poppy the Pug lives in S.W London. In ...

    Something Fine78 months ago1 replies

  • New Lab and Pug group

    I have created a group for Pugs and Labs. Everyone is welcome. No limit on pos...

    car87brain83 months ago0 replies

  • Hemivertebrae

    My eight month old puppy bitch is now recovering well after surgery for hemivert...

    Jane Caruana83 months ago2 replies

  • Two black pugs of my own

    And two fawn ones too. You can't stop with just one!

    medeyle94 months ago1 replies

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