civilrights.activist 1:37am, 5 March 2015
Author: Dr. Franklyn Beckles

Martin Luther King's birthday has been celebrated as a national holiday in America for years, yet what he fought and died for made no genuine difference for racial equality in this country. The legacy that he left behind is comprised of more racism and injustice against African American men, black-on-black hatred to none another, man’s inhumanity to man, women failing to respect men, a compromise of moral Christian values, and a social intolerance for real men who do not accept immoral values such as feminism or homosexuality. For decades since the death of the civil rights icon, there has been an uneasiness in black communities as the issue of black-on-black crime becomes more of a national problem. Long ignored by the nation and consistently covered up by persons outside of the black community, the problem is now increasingly recognized as an American crisis. Black-on-black crime is the No. 1 killer of black men in America, especially in the 16-44 age group. Let's put some horrifying statistics in perspective: From 1965 to 1974, during the Vietnam War, 274,937 blacks served the U.S. armed forces. Of those, 5,681 were killed in the jungles, hamlets and cities of Vietnam. In 1981 in the United States, about 6,000 blacks were killed in black-on-black violence -more than during the entire war. Statistics are equally grim at the local level. In 1983 in the predominantly black areas of Orlando, 8 percent of the strong-arm robberies and 19 percent of the murders were classified as black on black. In 1984 in Orlando, black-on-black strong-arm robberies increased to 39 percent, while murders increased to 22 percent. For every statistic, there are more male victims of crime than women, domestic violence against men increases, police brutality, racist cops falsifying police reports, rapid employment discrimination, black-on-black injustice, failing to arrest or report crimes that white citizens cause against minorities, permitting women to escape or impede justice for crimes they commit against men, harassing black church leaders who fight against racism, society endorsing hate groups (usually racist or feminist), government corruption, protecting racist business leaders, and an epidemic of false arrests by dishonest cops against many African American men (especially civil rights activists).. America continues to leave behind thousands of decent, law bidding, good men with psychological, physical and mental scars. While promoting black women above the men simply on the basis of feminism, and unlawfully targeting black men to assassinate their characters or make them feel inferior. Black leaders are increasingly concerned that black-on-black crime is getting out of control in communities around the country. Two weeks ago a riot almost erupted in Ferguson, Missouri and got the attention of local black leaders, including Rev. Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr. The way I see it, black-on-black crime in America is creeping into smaller communities like Augusta, Georgia. General apathy on the part of all African Americans is responsible, especially since the death of Dr. King, his legacy has inspired generations of sell-out “Uncle Tom” Negroes than ever before in American history! It’s bad enough that racism (although often undercover) has thrived in America, the injustice that white people commit to blacks pales in comparison to the horrible things that blacks do to each other (this behavior of the black race has been going on since ancient times, which is primarily why the blacks are subjected to whites). If there isn't a turnaround soon, we will wake up one day and we’ll be short a generation of black men. When that happens, blacks will have no one to blame but themselves. African Americans are in the midst of a social crisis that threatens the very viability of the traditional black community. The core of this crisis is the deepening plight of black men. Although some black men are conspicuously successful in many arenas of American life, most are facing a social emergency. Black male genocide is happening throughout the world, but especially in the inner cities of America, African-American men are disproportionately surrounded by poverty, violence, spiritual attacks, immoral feminism, police corruption, increased racial injustice, national apathy, bullying in public schools, job discrimination, public harassment, reverse discrimination (racism by fellow minorities especially women), mass incarceration and disease. A confluence of ills has long conspired to marginalize black men and track them into a trajectory of failure, and loss of cultural identity, self-worth or confidence. But a flurry of recent studies reveal that their decline in socio-economic status is more rapid than previously thought, and prompted several magazines and newspapers like the New York Times to publish a front page stories regarding their deepening plight. “Black men in the United States face a far direr situation than is portrayed by common employment and education statistics,” reads one newspaper article. The problems afflicting black men have been well-charted both in academia and in the streets, so this information is not exactly new. In fact, African-American activists (like Malcolm X and Black History Professor Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Sr.) have long quipped that black men were an endangered species. As these new studies reveal, we still have failed to summon adequate concern in this country for the wide scope of these problems (largely due to the increasing national behavior of immorality and ignorance toward racism), which I believe has reached an emergency status. Another Newspaper quoted my father Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Sr., a former college professor at Santa Monica College, Aiken Technical College, and now the private school director at Aiken Academy, who said, “There’s a national crisis happening with young black men, and it’s something we can no longer ignore.” Over the years, the nation has endorsed low-skilled or incompetent women, “uncle toms”, and whites to virtually hog up all of the jobs, especially in management positions, while forcing young black men to fall farther behind in careers and public status (unfortunately, much of the racial discrimination today is caused by blacks against blacks, as racism by whites continues to grow). America should increase public investment into the education of black men rather than investing in more prisons as the most promising political strategy. But because of the current political climate, and a Black U.S. President who is unwilling to do anything about this crisis (and yet he wants to be remembered as a civil rights hero?!?). I have little hope that the U.S. Government will implement such a policy or put a stop this alarming crisis, and truly honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The various studies outlined in numerous newspaper articles reached sobering conclusions about how we’ve previously understated the extent of black men’s problems. Among other things, the new studies found: More than half of all black men in the nation’s inner cities drop out of high school. More than 70 percent of black male high school dropouts in their 20s were out of work in 2014. By their mid-30s, 60 percent of high school dropouts have served time in jail. Hundreds of scholars cite many reasons for this deterioration. Primary among them are bad schools, corrupt school boards, single mothers, feminism, society encouraging homosexuality, public lack of Christian values in the communities, job discrimination and harassment, government corruption, injustice in the court system, absent parenting, incompetent social workers, lack of quality medical care, poor legal representations, failing church leadership, unlawful denial of disability benefits, wrongful job terminations, lost wages, racism, structural changes in the economy and a subculture that glorifies immoral behavior and a gangster mentality. Several articles have brought attention to this growing crisis and its many implications. Perhaps the most distressing implication is the growing gender imbalance between black men and black women, because of an evil society increasingly rejecting God by promoting satanic principles like: feminism, witchcraft, sexual immorality, and a tradition of fabricating historical records to subvert true Black History and its clear connection to God and Biblical Scriptures). The toll of inner-city life and American racism are serving to de-populate many black communities of its young men. I wrote a book about this problem last year, “Racism in America,” that examined these gender imbalances. Homicidal black-on-black violence, life-style morbidity, lack of Christian values, environmental hazards and mass incarceration are depleting the ranks of African-American males at an alarming rate. This social gap threatens to destabilize the black community in ways no outside force has managed to in the entire history of African Americans, most of whom are the progeny of enslaved West Africans, who are the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. In most of America’s cities, black women outnumber black men by large margins and the gap grows wider every year, as the world continues to empower and encourage all women to become more educated and skilled than men, and adopt the ways of satan to abide with feminism (like he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden), ignoring God’s chain of command. As black women prosper, they still will suffer the burden of single parenthood in their disinvested neighborhoods, while black churches continue to do little or nothing to properly educate all blacks to return to God’s principles and commandments (which is what caused all of the hardships and tribulations that God cursed the African Israelites with, because their evil ways and rejected His laws). I’d like to continue addressing this topic, but the ramifications of the current crisis are too broad and deep, with ominous implications for the future of the nation. Black men must take the lead in the community to stop their victimization, but what can be done? What can one person do to stem the increase? It is ironic that the answers to fight black-on-black crime are so relatively simple: Become a true Christian and be more informed. The more you understand black-on-black violence, and the African History of the Bible, the more you realize there are blacks who willfully victimize other blacks because these men and women are stupid and ignorant (which are the characteristics that white people love to see in blacks). Let's replace black-on-black crime with black-on-black respect. Crime should not be a part of black heritage. Nearly 80 percent of blacks commit crimes against other blacks. And a 20 percent of the black population is being terrorized by a small minority of racists or degenerate bastard women and men (of all races). Criminals should not automatically be defended simply because of their race or sex, because there are some black men and women who should be incarcerated, and many who work in law enforcement or in the courtrooms- SHOULD BE IN JAIL! Encourage your minister to speak out against black-on-black crime. It's through initiatives such as this that the black community can effectively combat feminism, social injustice, racism, political corruption, and general apathy for God’s Word and moral principles.

The End

References: Numerous News and Journalistic Reports, Public Records & Documents, and Recorded Statements by Several Scholars.
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