D P Lynch PRO 10:55pm, 27 October 2010
I can't exactly remember how I found this group, but when i did I was amazed at the quality of the photos in the pool; I wanted to learn more about Black Card.

I have only found limited information on the technique, so I was hoping that I could start a thread where group members could share information, links, book titles, etc...anything that could help someone new to this part of photography learn the basics and possibly teach something new to those with experience.

Also, It might be nice to post a photo with a description about how it was shot, exif data, card technique, etc....

I know that getting out and trying is the best way to learn, but sometimes one just needs that first concept, either basic or advanced, to be able to apply something new...

If this post is not acceptable to the admins, I apologize in advance.

Kinematic Digit PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kinematic Digit (admin) 8 years ago
No problem with the topic. One of the things to think about in this technique is that it's not a new technique, just a very on hands technique. In fact it's basically the same as what Ansel Adams did when he was creating his prints by dodging and burning his exposures.

The technique takes it from behind the camera and puts it in front. It's a bit of a guessing game in determining where you dodge/burn, but it does take some memorization.

I think the reason why there's not a lot of resources out there is because to a degree this can be done with just blending two exposures in photoshop with a graduated mask between the two layers. However that said, for some reason it just don't feel the same as this technique.

I think another part of why the images come out so strong on here is the fact that it takes time, and in the spirit of classic landscape photographers, we all go out there, wait for our shot, compose carefully and consider where we need to help the images.

Can this be done with photoshop? Yes, but do we all choose to sit behind our computers to blend our images together, or would we rather be out in the amazing nature and try and capture what we see with our own eyes.

Great little write up here on how it's done:
D P Lynch PRO 8 years ago
Kinematic Digit_ Great! this is exactly the type of information that I was hoping for with this thread.

I hope other members are able to share, read through, and benefit from this thread....If I find anything of value i will certainly add to this as well.
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