Kinematic Digit PRO 7:35am, 27 October 2010
I'm biased, but I think the most gorgeous pictures on flickr are found within this group. That said, this technique sure does show how such a simple technique can make such amazing images.

What I'm slowly doing is those contributors who have put a sample in the the pool that shows great skills with the black card, I've been promoting to Masters of Light to showcase the very best among us. I think it's very difficult to do that since almost all contributors have done such a fantastic job.

What I'd like to ask of each member is to nominate someone who you think should be promoted to "Masters of Light" to point out which of our peers in here that show exceptional skill with Black Card. The only rule I ask, is that they have at least a minimum of two images in our gallery pool.

Already promoted long ago, the person that has always been my inspiration is Sunrise@Dawn so I just wanted to point out those that inspire us the most and deserve the honor of the title of "Masters of Light"
reyscott1969 7 years ago
hey.. wanted to join this group.. i would like to try out this skill.... soon.. il be practicing this one since having filters are quite expensive...
Kinematic Digit PRO 7 years ago
Welcome to the group . Black card is more than just trying to save money on filters, but to allow for a more natural single exposure blending of 10+ stop dynamic range of difference in your scene. Something that a filter can't do regardless.

Look forward to seeing what you'll do with it.
Raja Daja PRO 7 years ago
I have come on board Kenneth...and look forward to learning more and seeing the thing about digital is the steep learning curve because of the instant feed-back you get....!
Kinematic Digit PRO 6 years ago
I've promoted two members to the ranks of "Masters of Light"

Congratulations to Scintt & ZenonZ. Your works are certainly inspirational.

When you have the time, do check out their submissions to the pool:
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