educated top [deleted] 10:43pm, 19 September 2010
Thanks to sunrise@dawn ,.I'm here...he favorite one of my pictures I payed a visit and I was amazed by the beauty of the images and the natural way the look. I have been very critical of HDR because ..although it give you a lot of detail ...the shiny ..unrealistic look really bothers me ...being very popular anyway...

All the images here this group...I just love them....I just have a question ...what is the black card made of? is a fliter? a film negative?...Thanks for your help...
Kinematic Digit PRO 8 years ago
I use Black Matte board. Foam core can be used as well. Just make sure it isn't shiny. I punched a hole in one corner so I can hang it from a lanyard. I'm actually thinking of making some other shapes like something like a 115 degree corner. and maybe a 65 degree one.

Black poster card will work, but I find for me that they do get beat up pretty quick and will eventually get bent or worn.
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