Why Black Card?

Kinematic Digit PRO 5:52pm, 2 July 2010
So here's a question for our members. Why do we choose to use Black Card Technique?

The common comment is, can't this be done in Photoshop?

Certainly it can, but for me, it's the fact that I can do it in the field, one shot (or many), but I'm communing with nature and painting my scene out in the field. The results usually come out fantastic, but sometimes I get surprised with even more when I sit down at my computer and look at the results.
uncovered bucket [deleted] 8 years ago
I started because I wanted to see what Black Card was all about. My flickr friend Sunrise@Dawn used it all the time so I looked into what Black Card was all about.

What I found out is that it gives the photograph a more natural appearance than a ND filter...(in my opinion.) Also it gives the photographer more control over what is happening to the picture.
I just tried it, and I think it's fun :) Plus, it is a lot cheaper than GD filters Posted 8 years ago. Edited by (member) 8 years ago
Came across a discussion that mentioned Kinematic Digit and the Black Card technique, which led me to here. Very happy that it did. It's an enjoyable technique and can come in very handy.
Kinematic Digit PRO 8 years ago
Welcome to the group CYZT. I own hundreds of dollars of filters, and yet I always come back to using Black Card.
CHUCKage 7 years ago
Well I am new here, and probably like most people that found out about this "Black Card Technique" and this group, it was guess it, Sunrise@Dawn lol. He commented on one of my pictures and I looked at his own and was amazed by his pictures, so I decided to try it also helped that I get really fed up with my crappy Cokin GND filtes, so the idea of being able to do something similar without having to buy anything really got my attention. lol
Piizzi 3 years ago
Hi, very good reads. Amazed at how little amount of people actually utilize this technique. I have been experimenting slot with the technique lately but yet to master. seems I got a lil bit more to learn about the counting and and waving the card. Will any price of black cardboard work? And would using different colors have any effect on color images. Say using a red card instead. Would that enhance vibrancy of the sky?

Sorry if my questions sound stupid. Still learning.
Kinematic Digit PRO 3 years ago
Piizzi I never tried a colour card before, but worth experimenting to find out. Anything black will work. I use cards, gloves, jacket and black cleaning cloth.
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