The Freelens 8:47am, 8 March 2013
Has anyone experiences with Photowalks in a group of 3 to 5 persons? Or what would you expect from shooting together with others? I think about to organize (free) workshop "urban perspectives" in Frankfurt/Germany and would appreciate if anyone has some experiences to share or could give his/her expectations.

Have a good day!
Christian the Freelens
flitzr 5 years ago
Every Saturday I try to go with at least several people to the same area to shoot. In addition, I go with a large group (20-60) of photographers of all levels once a month. ( Afterwards we go out to eat or have a few drinks, share our photos and enjoy each other's company. Many times we simply head out to a park, building or neighborhood but sometimes we get access as a group to places that we wouldn't have been able to get into alone.

I've only had positive experiences. It's always amazing to me how we can all look at the same area and see so many different pictures.

If you are thinking about doing a Photowalk, I would definitely encourage you to try. And the next time I'm in Germany I'll try to join you.
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