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tapatim PRO 8:44pm, 19 May 2009
... hard 2 say, but i will try!

u all certainly wondered about my attitude in the last weeks. i commentated nearly nothing. the reason is: in my family r really bad days. my hubby has the 3rd time tumors. this time in his lungs, one right one left. i'm NOT in motion 4 all - hope u will understand that!!!!
but be sure, i'm honored that u post nevertheless ur wonderful pics in bb - better times ahead ...

thats all i can say in moment!

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...miles west 7 years ago
Good Luck.
masquerade_arts 7 years ago
I'm sorry, and send my best wishes to you and your family.
photoaskew2008 [deleted] 7 years ago
we are holding you close in our thoughts.
So sorry to hear of the troubles your family is having. You are in my thoughts. Best of luck for you and your husband.
sefosse 7 years ago
very very sorry
good luck
un abbraccio
Sending you good thoughts.
tapatim PRO 7 years ago
tyvm my dear friends :)))
I am so very sorry... One can never imagine what is happening in other people's lives.
meghimeg PRO 7 years ago
I'm near you!
This is so sad. Sorry. Wishing you strength and peace in difficult times.
PelochePan 7 years ago
I am so very sorry, send my best wishes to you and your family.
Julia Schaefers Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Julia Schaefers (member) 7 years ago
When I think of “tapa”, I think “bitches brew” and I visualize the group images and your own continuous stream of pictures and amazing effort you put in both.
As with most of the people making Flickr what it is, a fun place to be, the story behind the person contributing is seldom known and one never thinks of it.
Until someone lifts the curtain a bit and some personal, not so happy information is shared.
Life is going on, including lots of events you wish would not happen or even exist that make you feel powerless, angry and sad at the same time and leave you grasping to understand why it should all happen to you.
Wishing you and your husband strength and all the best in a difficult time.
Bill Baldridge 7 years ago
BB is my favorite group, and in no other group do I associate it with one person: Tapa. My thought are with you and your family. I will visit the group even more, just for you.
snapn'Mj, 7 years ago
Sorry to hear, best wishes to you and yours.
Miriam HMello 7 years ago
really sorry about that. my solidarity.
suziwahoozi PRO 7 years ago
Life's a bitch and can produce a tragic brew. Sorry for the bad things that are happening to you. Here's to hope and that sweeter nectar shall come your way.
Kroons Kollektion PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kroons Kollektion (member) 7 years ago
very sorry to hear this, all my best wishes for you and your family. you have a wonderful group that i have loved from my first invite and your habit of always commeting gives the group such a lovely sense of presence and activity. thank you so much for that, but please take the rest you need. we'll be here! best regards, ann.
backroom.angel 7 years ago
best wishes tapa... you are one of the nicest people i don't know...i'll be thinking of you...
zeze57 PRO 7 years ago
oohhh, nooo..... so sorry to hear. I wish you and yours the best. A lot of strength and good faith for better times to come. Feel supported, that's the least we can give.
visualisarium 7 years ago
i'm so sorry to hear this, tapa. all the best for you and yours.
sefosse 7 years ago
and now?
what's going on?
tapatim PRO 7 years ago
he is in moment in hospital since friday. he got a punction 4 biopsy. but there was a big complication at the end. he spat alot of blood and breathed with big pain, coz there was air between - i cant explain in english. after they brought them in emergency room and cut a 4 cm intersection in his side to put a tube inside, so that he can breathe. friday and saturday was very painful - 2day he was ok. but he has 2 stay in hospital and during the week we will get the biopsyresult ...
better days ahead ...
fyrgyrl1998 7 years ago
My heart felt well wishes & all the comfort I can provide to you & your family. I truly understand what you are going through & know how all consuming your husband's condition can be. Positive thoughts & positive actions go a long way in recovery from such an affliction.

Best of all the good in the universe to you, your husband & your family in these upcoming weeks & months.
8lits PRO 7 years ago
All the best for you and your family.
fotomanni.de PRO 7 years ago
Ich verneige mich!
Thinking of you and your family and praying, better days ahead *hugs*
I'm so sorry to read this. I wish you and your family a lot of strength.
Take care, Tapa...
Takehiko/utuutu 7 years ago
wish your family get well!
sometimes you'd better take a break
Just read this. Wish you and your family all the strength!
I hardly have time to come on Flickr these days, so I just discovered this thread. I'm so sorry you and your family have to go through all this Tapa.

All I can think of is that your kindness and artistic talent gathers here, around you, more of the same. And this makes a difference. For me at least. I'm sure it makes one for you too and hope it gives you a little extra strength to deal with such challenging times.

My prayers are with you.
miuenski 7 years ago
be strong
better times ahead
good luck!
WHO 2003 PRO 7 years ago
Hope things are improving, wishing you all the best, be strong tapa x
sefosse 7 years ago
what's going on?
tapatim PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by tapatim (admin) 7 years ago
we found a doctor in heidelberg :)))))))) next friday he'll remove the big tumor first. after regeneration - think 14 days, he'll remove the 2nd one left side! better days ahead :)))
w.eras PRO 7 years ago
O, that's good news!
Anni..... [deleted] 7 years ago
Tapa, I know all our thoughts are with you and your family.
With love...
wolfjaw PRO 7 years ago
So good to read the hopeful comment -- you have many good souls pulling for you!
tapatim PRO 7 years ago
dutchphotographer PRO 7 years ago
my thoughts are with and your family. Wish you and your husband all the luck in the world
Iris_14 PRO 7 years ago
Think of you. Best wishes for that ordeal!
SZÏ-MANUFACTORY© [deleted] 7 years ago
Sorry to hear that -positive energy is coming your way!!
Also I've recently posted a picture of my ass which may or may not cheer you up!

tapatim PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by tapatim (admin) 3 years ago
2day was the first step!!!!!! the big one is AWAY ( 4cm) - complete!!!!!! and no other metastases around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))
i'm soooooooooooo happy and .... very tired
w.eras PRO 7 years ago
That's good news!
ron_toad PRO 7 years ago
Oh good. Hoping for more good news to come.
sophie celeste [deleted] 7 years ago
very touched reading this thread... wish you and your family all the strength, support and good luck the universe can give!!!
Ifty Amin 7 years ago
I hadn't the faintest idea - I'm really sorry about the rough patch you and your family are in right now, and I pray you'll come through fine and be strong throughout.

I'm glad to hear about the first one coming out nice - that's one less thing on your mind, so that's great news =)
Karin van Bragt 7 years ago
Thinking of you and your husband. Take care you both!!
I am happy that the horrible scare seems to have gone away now. All my best wishes to you and your family!
Alembiscuit PRO 7 years ago
Continued strength for you and your family and a continuing recovery.
zenjazzygeek PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by zenjazzygeek (member) 7 years ago
You and your family will be in my thoughts; I sincerely hope that things steadily improve for all of you.
d-cubed 7 years ago
I've been off of Flickr for a while and have just returned and seen your note. My thoughts are with you and your family.
thinking of you, and hoping that you are able to rest and take care of yourself too, in this very exhausting time.
tapatim PRO 7 years ago
2day i will bring him home 4 four weeks :))))
no metastases, no bad lymph nodes (right side), nothing in the bones :))))))))

thank u all so much!
florriebassingbourn PRO 7 years ago
That's wonderful!
w.eras PRO 7 years ago
I'm so glad to hear this good news! Have a wonderful 4 weeks together at home!
that is great news!
good luck dear.
Scoutress PRO 7 years ago
Best wishes for his recovery soon. I'm glad to hear things are going in a positive direction! Hugs to you!
ron_toad PRO 7 years ago
Oh, hooray!
Manfred Hofmann PRO 7 years ago
best regards and all the best !!!
bluresque PRO 7 years ago
Great news. Enjoy!
WHO 2003 PRO 7 years ago
Wonderful news, all the best to you both !!
Alembiscuit PRO 7 years ago
Such good news.
me*voilà - away 7 years ago
My very best wishes to both of you!!!!!!!!!!!
emmaporium PRO 7 years ago
wishing you all the best......good luck, and my thoughts are with you.
Take care x
Jawdoc PRO 7 years ago
sorry to hear about your hardship...my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time...wishing you all strength and courage
L_#$#%ywofs5gin@#$ [deleted] 7 years ago
so very sorry to hear this news.
tapatim PRO 7 years ago
ALL is ok! he is @ home since friday!!!! no chemo - nothing!! :))
... and ALL is OUT! no other metastases, no bad lymphnodes, bones ok
but i'm very exhausted ......

*´¨ )
¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•> tapa:))

Michael Lusk... 7 years ago
Wonderfull news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
w.eras PRO 7 years ago
This is a wonder! I'm so glad for you both.
Dave's Oddity 7 years ago
Wonderbar !
keep on going, never give up against sickness !!!!!!
bshotz....in ~ out PRO 7 years ago
nothing but good thoughts for u and your family :-))
looks like lots of support from everyone at bitches brew ;)
Alembiscuit PRO 7 years ago
Wonderful news may you both strengthen each day.
apgw 7 years ago
I have only just read of this - I am pleased that things are better now. Also I would like to thank you for the interest you have taken in my work and for the comments you have made
zeze57 PRO 7 years ago
hope thx have stayed like this. Wish you only the best !
maartje jaquet PRO 7 years ago
bless you and your hubby dear tapa
they call me john PRO 7 years ago
here's hoping you have a good and happy new year :)

and thanks for this group
SteffenTuck PRO 7 years ago
take time to cherish the important in 2010
tapatim PRO 6 years ago
the shit goes on: tumors in 2 ribs ...
w.eras PRO 6 years ago
Oh no!
☼warm winds≈ PRO 6 years ago
you are in my thoughts and prayers dear tapa
Anni..... [deleted] 6 years ago
Be strong dear Tapa.
We are all with you.
yauhin1 6 years ago
So sorry to hear that, Tapa :( Good luck, and thank you for everything so far.
Isa [belsaita] PRO 6 years ago
Sending you my best thoughts
Supermarketsong PRO 6 years ago
I send you all the positive thoughts I can have!
j.survant 6 years ago
I am very sorry your family is dealing with all this. Thoughts and prayers for your family.
Françoise Lucas PRO 6 years ago
I am very sorry. I wish you and your family all the strength. I think of you
Such sad developments. My heart goes out to you. Wishing you spirit and strength through and despite it all.
barb_stell 6 years ago
Missing your mild words and presence and all to say - pensa positivo!
Ute Kluge PRO 6 years ago
may all your wishes come true!
Good Fortune!
ctodemann PRO 6 years ago
positive thoughts , are with you !
losy PRO 6 years ago
Oh Tapa... das tut mir so leid und es tut weh sowas zu hoeren.... meine besten Wuensche und Hoffnungen sende ich an Euch beide....
zeze57 PRO 6 years ago
Very sorry to hear this Tapa. Wish you and your family all the best and hope some positive energy will help in some way. Be strong and hope things will turn for the best. Thinking of you!
TiC's wonderland 6 years ago
Das tut mir unheimlich leid, tapa - wir denken an euch.
I just read what is happening to you and your family. I am sorry for the bad news but please receive my warmest wishes. I am sure you will be strong and find the force and energy.
I think of you. Do not be sorry about not commenting, this is nothing.
Lots of love.

on1stsite. PRO 6 years ago
Unbeleivable, what an ordeal, wishing you all the strength and thoughts to overcome this pain, both fysically and mentally. One does not deserve this. Will be thinking of you and your partner . . . !
Love. . . ! Marja
Karin van Bragt 6 years ago
Dear Tapa, so sorry to hear this unbearable news. Wish you all the strenght you and your family need! Thinking of you!
ron_toad PRO 6 years ago
Aw shit. Hugs to you and (gently) yours.
*Corrie* 6 years ago
Sorry to hear this is still going on. Pretty hard on you.
Maerten Prins 6 years ago
Shit. That's awful. All the best to you and your hubby!
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