justwilliam75@gmail.com 6:32am, 5 July 2011
i have had problems adding photos to your group over the last couple of days,
is there any thing you can do to correct the situation,

many thanks for a super Group
Elliot Gilfix 7 years ago
Hi there! For me, adding photos to the group works perfectly fine. Are you only having trouble with this group, or with other groups, too?
justwilliam75@gmail.com Posted 7 years ago. Edited by justwilliam75@gmail.com (member) 7 years ago
at the moment just this group .
where you add photos into the boxes the boxes are in a vertical line and cover the add photos sign and will not allow me to load .
i have tried to load this eveing to no avail. 8.15 pm
i have tried to load photos again today the 6 july @7.15 am still the same problem
i am able to load onto other groups

thanks for the reply, Don
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