GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare 12:47am, 20 December 2010
Hi all,
I am not always good at remembering to add a comment code in my comments on shots from group pools. However I really find it helpful when I know where someone found one of my shots. One of my contacts had a greasemonkey script that automatically adds a small note and linkback to all your comments stating where you found that shot. I am not trying to promote greasemonkey or any other tool, I just found this one very helpful to me and thought some of you may also.
Here's an example of what it looks like in your comment...

Seen in the group"Birds - Vögel - Oiseaux - Uccelli " (?)

I can post a link to the script if anyone wants it, or just google...
flickr refer comment
Macke827 PRO 8 years ago
That is a really good idea. Maybe you can send me the code and I will add it to the group, that everyone can use it!
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