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poecile05 ADMIN July 24, 2019
This group exists to post photos of the Birds of British Columbia which will help others in field identification. All photos posted must include information on where and when the picture was taken. It would also be helpful tag the picture with the Common English and Scientific names e.g. "Steller's Jay" "Cyanocitta stelleri"
Please note that due to ongoing disturbance issues in British Columbia, no photos of owls of any species will be accepted here.

Group Description

Bird Photography - British Columbia - Field Guide.

Guideline for posting photos

1. This group is primarily for displaying/sharing photos of wild birds that have been photographed in British Columbia.

2. Related photos such as a rare bird photographed adjacent to the province that has/may have occurred recently in BC are ok.

3. As a best practice, tag photos with both the common name and scientific name of the species photographed. In the photo details, consider including date/time and location/geo-tagging information of the photo plus a lively blurb on how you got your great shot!

4. The group will error on this side of acceptance when in doubt.

Field Guide List of the Birds of British Columbia as per as per Clement's 5th Edition...

Hyper-List of British Columbia Birds by Common Name A to L

Hyper-List of British Columbia Birds by Common Name M to Z

On the Web

A photo stream of the Latest Photos is displayed at Birding BC. Group members are welcome to participate in the Birding BC online forums-->Birding Photography and further showcase their photos.

Group Rules

This group exists to provide a visual field guide to the birds of British Columbia.

Only wild, unrestrained birds photographed within British Columbia should be posted to this group.

Due to ongoing disturbance issues, photos of owls of any species are not allowed in this group.

Images should be of sufficient quality to aid in the identification of the species tagged in the photo.

Images should not be altered to the point that the field marks of the subject are no longer relevant to identification.

All photos must be tagged with the common name of the bird species in the photo. It would also be helpful if all photos were tagged with the scientific name as well.

All photos must be posted with a date the photo was taken.

Unless there is an issue with a sensitive species, sensitive habitat, or private property, all photos should include the site or area where the bird was photographed.

All photos posted here must have been taken under ethical birding/photography situations. See the following link for clarification.

Repeated violations of this agreement may lead to the removal of membership of this group.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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